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  1. Shifty Stranger

    The 'C' word

    Well the positive is that it was found. Get well man.
  2. The only card I need to beat you is the Dark Magician with its 2500 attack points and 2100 defense points. Dark Magic Attack! Needs more Dead Men Tell No Tales.
  3. Tywin should come back disfigured from the fire, V for Vendetta style.
  4. Thats Obama for you and Europeans being involved in American affairs.
  5. [quote name='Tarikmo' timestamp='1282681277' post='2429770'] Hello there shifty, just here to say that what you said didn't really make sense. If that was the real reason for war, it wouldn't be a reason for reps. This situation under no circumstances should of ended in reps. [/quote] It says so here [quote]The New Sith Order hereby announces its surrender to the forces of The Empire of the New Evolution, Ragnarok, the Viridian Entente, the Global Order of Darkness and R&R. We acknowledge that we knowingly accepted a rogue involved in two offensive wars with TENE an alliance under
  6. This is makes me cringe. You went to war because you didn't get to beat down Sedrick properly and you didn't get reps yet now that you've won the war and destroyed plenty of your own nations, you don't ask for reps?
  7. Cybernations is being killed by alliance leaders. Alliance leaders want to protect their pixels. The only reason why they're in power is because people don't want to form new alliances on their own and find new leaders because its too "risky" and it takes too much effort on their part. Honestly, what power to CN leaders have, if no one cares what they say or bothers to follow them? I've switched alliances 4 times in the past 2 years and I've noticed that it doesn't matter what alliance you're in, everything is the same pretty much. Starting a new alliance isn't a good source of change either s
  8. It shouldn't be built with the name Cordoba House. Cordoba was a Spanish city captured by Muslims. Cordoba House is like us going to Mecca and opening a church called Crusaders Pride. It should have a different name, if it is to be built.
  9. There should be no "moral issue" behind raiding a dead alliance. It's not an alliance and therefore cannot hold treaties nor be considered a union of nations in anyway. Yes, you can protect anything you wish to protect, but there is no way to "justify" it besides : 1. I'm trying to recruit as many people possible by looking good and offering them a hand. 2. I like individual nations in that AA. (Chances are that you won't as any active significant nations have already left and were not inactive during the death of the alliance) 3. You dislike the alliance that is raiding and want an excuse
  10. Best fine print ever on a treaty. It's legal and it works.
  11. I'm blue and I don't like being in really empty forums or irc. I don't like overly drawn out application processes. I'd prefer a theme to the alliance.
  12. I'm looking for a forum and irc active alliance. I want to stay in my current team color. I haven't left my current alliance, so I'm sort of window shopping for an alliance if that makes sense.
  13. I have spices and fish. I will also switch to blue when the circle is formed.
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