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  1. Hiding award progress doesn't make much sense since a member with plenty of free time can just add up the stats and keep daily/weekly track.
  2. Shifty Stranger

    The 'C' word

    Well the positive is that it was found. Get well man.
  3. Well to be fair. If you do the following, you hear the following: Defend DBDC: "bandwagoner/lap dog" Defend WTF: "lol, jump in and back them up with more than just tears" Defend Neutrals: "where were you when __ and __ were being torn to shreds" also "well they never backed us up" Attack DBDC: "here lies ___. ???-4/4/2015, Rest in Pepperoni" Attack WTF: "opportunist/scum/evil/bully" Attack Neutrals: "meh, serves them right" and "politics are now dead" Neither side should let it get to them. The victor writes history determines how we see history. Inaction is an action in itself. Yadda yadda yadda. If it is more than a game then these actions should be a tragedy and not just "oh, man I could be next" like in the original post. A situation like this sets apart those who take the initiative vs those who sit back and stick their head in the sand. Right now, "come at me bro" has more weight than any complaint here. Of course, I understand that it's stupid for me to expect anyone to charge blindly in someone's defense without a plan. But these raids aren't new and neutrals aren't new either. Those in Blood Pack at least jumped in after a major global war that WTF had no part in and threw away their rebuild period. Existing in a world like Planet Bob, the thought of fighting off more than the occasional 100 NS-1 week old nation should have crossed their mind. They had 9 years to prepare. Also these tough guy act accusations are funny considering that the critics are doing a moral highground act. Last I checked, it's pretty obvious who is making a scene in this thread. There would be no need for callouts if a reason wasn't given.
  4. o/ I guess you could say we're on the right track.
  5. It was fun fighting on both sides of the war. o/ DS o/ Everyone
  6. Monos Archein (they tried to PZI me) USN (first alliance, but geez was it boring compared to the others I've been in) CSN SOLID TOOL
  7. The only card I need to beat you is the Dark Magician with its 2500 attack points and 2100 defense points. Dark Magic Attack! Needs more Dead Men Tell No Tales.
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