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  1. Rotavele was blinded while "drifting off into the sunset" and got lost on the way to GPA...or something.
  2. Scorp is a great leader and TIO is a great alliance. Good work guys, let's keep going! o/
  3. It will be funny when the only alliance that disbands due to this war isn't Legion, but IAA.
  4. Coal and Water Any non-Blue color is fine. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=264012
  5. [quote name='MrMuz' timestamp='1292763891' post='2544342'] "As per ARTICLE V of the Permafrost treaty between the Siberian Tiger Alliance and the New Polar Order we are hereby not giving notice of our intent to cancel this treaty." This sentence does not make any sense. Please fix the typo or explain the joke. [/quote] Maybe it means STA are canceling, but not giving any notice
  6. I hope Legion hasn't chosen a side in the inevitable Polar-Pacifica dispute yet. They should totally hold out until one side offers them a place in a powerful bloc in exchange for screwing the other over.
  7. [quote name='Voytek' timestamp='1292763903' post='2544343'] You didn't finish the job. You really should have finished the job. [/quote] It wasn't my idea
  8. Apparently Polar wins at treating 'em mean and keepin' 'em keen.
  9. Regarding, getting rolled - Polar came out of the war as the 4th largest alliance. Regarding losing MK as an ally - As far as I saw, MK only dropped Polar during the 'Great Treaty Reset of 2010' not as an immediate consequence of the war. Regarding becoming a laughing stock - Perhaps, but maybe it was all worth it for the destruction of Polar's most hated enemy.
  10. Anyone who thinks the last war was anything but a massive success for Polaris is blind.
  11. Kinda makes me wonder why you dropped treaties like this one in the first place, but good luck with this new chapter of an old friendship.
  12. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1292368828' post='2539783'] This just shows one thing, good posts for you are those who are agreeing with your point of view, I'm not surprised. [/quote] I really don't think you are in a position of authority when it comes to judging good posts either.
  13. I kinda expected the Polar-Pacifica link to be via NSO, but I guess Legion works as a proxy just as well.
  14. Grumpdogg


    Cya Lennox, have a good one.
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