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  1. Christmas music makes me want to kill puppies...slowly.
  2. I can't help but take some credit for this Good luck out there.
  3. If he's not out then the idea of a full-on relationship is probably freaking scary right now? How thick did you lay it on?
  4. I think you got Raidmas and Raidster mixed up a bit at the end there, but have a good one anyways.
  5. Woah there's even a black armband view of being thankful now? Makes me wonder if emos are actually just ahead of the curve.
  6. Please don't try and claim you are being persecuted here, because that really would be disrespectful to people around the world who are actually being systematically harmed.
  7. It seems like most major alliances have totally given up on trying to win. Acting out a plan of merely surviving isn't really worthy of the great history and bold leaders these alliances have had in the past. For example MK are ranked 7th by total nation strength, when by all accounts they could be 1st if they really went for it now. Isn't that the ultimate prize and wouldn't it be the biggest finger to the NPO? Another thought, how securely does GPA hold down 3rd spot? Can they defend their position? People need to pay more attention to the Amazing Sanction Race and less on endlessly debating the minute details of the top 'What didn't end up being a CB this week' topics. You have to herd so many e-lawyer cats these days to get a war, it really has sucked the fun out of the game. Obviously I'm not a fan of "omg u givz no cookies, this meens warz! lolol" wars, but we've swung way too far in the other direction now.
  8. Thanks for the clarification but I wouldn't mind seeing what ODN actually did in the negotiations, I think the reasons were already out there.
  9. Hah thanks for this, it was a good spot of fun. TOOL's is the best one to say, just flows nicely. MK sounds like a dish I wouldn't be game to order
  10. Posting in the only manner Grub taught me...the enumerated list! 1. The Emperor is the final word for the New Polar Order, he was in #stratego and he didn't agree to jack. 2. We never said "NpO is in" or replied to the list posted in the channel in which someone presumed we were "in". If someone wanted to assume we were "in" the hypothetical war because we would defend our ally then I guess that's a reasonable assumption to make, but that doesn't mean we agreed or subscribed to any particular plan or that we would be taking orders from or following the lead of any other alliance, especially not an unconnected band-wagoner or forum troll. 3. We made it clear we would not be a part of any "fairy tale" as the logs below which may or may not already be public show: Note: The "legit CB" I was referring to there was a GOONS member conducting the fourth raid in recent times against a legitimate UPN member who had more than 100 days on the United Purple Nations AA. It had nothing to do with the UOKMB drama. At the time, $1,000,001 in aid had been sent to the UPN member from GOONS without the consent of UPN government which we believed had been sent in order to trick the UPN member into accepting a peace offer. Now in my opinion it was an affront to an alliance's sovereignty to bypass their leadership and disrespectful to raid and send reps so low as to retain profitability in the raid. Furthermore it was my feeling that there are only so many mistakes you should tolerate before you defend your membership against raids as is your right. Evidently ODN thought differently and negotiated higher reps for UPN from GOONS for this incident and it is resolved. Diplomacy won and everyone is happy. Now you can debate the strength of that as a legitimate cause for war (it was only my personal opinion at the time that 'enough is enough'), but the point of this post is that we never supported the "honeypot" scheme or other concocted plots morons like HerooTime55 were spamming in #stratego that day. Neither did STA (their name was bandied about as possible protectors...lol). Thanks for reading, I will endeavor to answer any sensible questions. o/
  11. Wait for it, wait for it... Do something about it!
  12. I thought this might be their real member count after you remove the ghosts.
  13. I enjoyed this entry a lot. Its nice to see someone else has been through similar situations. I must say I like your posting style and you seem like a good leader, especially the tone and timing of your announcements with regard to the current mood of your membership. Good show all round. o/
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