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  1. Tillamook Medium Chedder is the best cheese for properly made cold cuts.
  2. The world is unipolar, but not in nearly as ridgid a sense as it was when NPO was at the top. The new predominant alliances did not methodically build up power the way NPO did, but rather inherrited the power vaccum that followed the Karma war. The way the world has shaped since then is largely due to how former hegemony alliances have re-introduced themselves to the world. Rivalries among the blocs like SF-CnG have not developed in large part because when NPO came out of terms, it deliberatly set itself up in a directly oppossing role to them with no real political basis besides being bitter
  3. *giggles* The reference to "Orders" is a expression of convienence and is fairly accurate in the overall picture. The NpO-Legion treaty and STA-TPF treaty tied the two spheres together by an obvious strand. It's just easier as a matter of reference just as CnG/SF/PB and the monikers that linke them together is for your side. The Orders share more than just names with an "O" in it that makes them readily identifiable as similar entities, or even one entity. Namely the egotism of it's leaders, a debilitating personality disorder, and a complete lack of objectivity, and a largely uninformed and
  4. There is a certain duplicity of thought, an unspoken but visible rule that aggression is immoral and unjust, while at the same time belligerent parties use the open world forum as a tinker-toy to create an illusion of strength and grandeur, all the while they cowardly wait for another party to cast the first stone. In the past wars of aggression have been used to eliminate threats, and gain political capital by blocs such as One Vision and Continuum, and ever since Karma the acts of aggression have been overtly tarnished. Is honor never a valid reason to fight? Is not alliance pride alone,
  5. Recently, in this cyberverse, there has been a spate of articles that proclaim to have stumbled onto the reason the game we play is not exciting. With increasing frequency, like a spring meekly sputtering up a thin dribble of water, individuals mutter that the game has become boring and past it's prime. They are only partially right. Many link the lack of conflict to a lack of activity and excitement. We are experiencing the most peaceful period in CN history due to a plethora of factors that have altered gameplay since the inception of the Cyberverse, which have become more profound and frust
  6. You would have been beaten like a red headed step-child.
  7. Enlighten me as to what my cause is. I seem to have forgotten it.
  8. Ooooh. The nefarious "haters gotta hate" meme. Your overuse of this, and other cliches only proves to everyone around you, that you are the very definition of "tool" O incesto é o melhor. Ponha sua irmã para o teste.
  9. I like having the last word. I was threatened with expulsion for my straight forewardness by your current Emperor, Random Interrupt.
  10. The last quote I have is not a quote, but part of the documentation I did months ago that was published in the Body Republic forums.
  11. I left Polaris 173 days ago, due to the absolutely asinine "PG policy" that is only selectively enforced based on who is on IRC and how much they like you. I have to admit, it was probably one of my best moves because, I was not very well suited to the culture. I was unfailingly loyal to Polaris during my tenure, and have an insatiable penchant for being blatantly honest. During my time in the NpO, I was a combatant in the conflict known as the "Bi-Polar War", which most of the world agrees was a political disaster for Polaris, and resulted in most of our political prestige being obliterated i
  12. [color="#FF0000"]Did we win yet?[/color]
  13. Ahh, the great evil of the New Hegemony which supposedly blindly follows each other into it's own whimsical, and albeit not very funny jokes. If only that was so. Anyone with "two brain cells to rub together", to borrow your turn of phrase, can deduce that Xiphosis, GOD, and Krono's came out of this one in worse shape than when they went in. Although MK is not known for stern talks with it's allies or restraint, there are others that eventually stack up on his side of the treaty web that undoubtedly harbor no loving feelings towards him. Even with the current state of affairs, with the world
  14. [quote name='Cataduanes' date='15 July 2010 - 01:12 AM' timestamp='1279174341' post='2372494'] heh what a way to kick a whole crew man, have you met every single Legion member to justify such a sweeping generalization? [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]Yes, I was in Legion for at least 3 months. It left a bad taste in my mouth, and by looking at the current roster and slurry of recent anouncements, I would say that it is a fair bet that Legion's sense of community is about as strong as Lady Gaga's sense of modesty.[/color]
  15. [quote name='Haflinger' date='15 July 2010 - 12:20 AM' timestamp='1279171228' post='2372375'] Sooo... Alliance quality is to be measured strictly in terms of its military effectiveness in the game? Have you guys ever heard of community? [/quote] [color="#FF0000"]Legion is a communal cesspool, the purple sphere's bedpan.[/color]
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