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  1. U Bad Boy, that sig is Ass hot!

  2. That's long enough break. Get you ass back in here now!

  3. take care my friend

  4. [quote name='Siocthastoirm' timestamp='1288657126' post='2499406'] Fixed that for you. [/quote] Actually I did FAR more damage to you than GPA did to me. Rescind your statement or I will attack GPA again.
  5. Warning to all: Do not join the GPA, they are cowards.
  6. Do not join the GPA, they spread the great lie.
  7. I will never post again.

  8. 2 more posts and you will have 2000 post brosef.

  9. Hey I just noticed we are friends on CN!

  10. Any Body Home, this is Lennox's Profile here, who are you?

  11. I see you writing comments on my wall :P

  12. [quote name='ChairmanHal' timestamp='1280329067' post='2392473'] We understand what you are doing, we're merely suggesting that there are faster ways to get there: [img]http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s159/hdhale2/delete_button.png[/img] The next to last option in this menu would save you considerable ridicule and over analysis. I for one only suggest it as a first step. The second step of course would be creating a new nation and getting a fresh start elsewhere on Planet Bob. [/quote] My hero.
  13. Someone should dig up ivan and franz's posts and antics. I'm just too lazy.
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