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Federation of Armed Nations Announcement


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[b][size="4"]Official Federation of Armed Nations Announcement[/size][/b]

Howdy folks, as some of the more perceptive among you may have noticed, I'm not Mpol :awesome:

Mpol had some things come up at the last minute and couldn't be here tonight, and since I'm (a) not him and don't have his way with words, and (b) didn't really even have time to write something witty, I'm not even going to try. sorry. :( I assure you he WILL post something when he gets back for your amusement.

However as Commander of FAN's military forces, I am going to state our case, which is: We were cool with IRON and had put the past behind us, until IRON attacked our friends. Now FAN hates IRON. IRON deserves to die. Therefore, FAN is going to help kill IRON. After all, we DID give you plenty of warning: [url]http://z15.invisionfree.com/Cyber_Nations/index.php?showtopic=81241&hl=[/url]

Oh, and for those of you inclined to refer to us as bandwagoners, well, ain't it funny how life comes back to bite you on the $@!?

ETA: wait a minute, talking about bandwagoners, according to this screenshot we even got declared on from the frackin' MOON back in VietFAN? %$#& me.


ETA: I got logged out when posting this and got in a hurry when logging back in, :wacko: and screwed up, can a mod move this to Alliance Announcements? Thanks. :gag:

Obligatory gun porn:










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