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  1. You keep saying that and it still doesn't make sense. We, the members of the Cult of Skaro, were members of the Dalek Empire. We fought against TE Police and then we made suggestions. Those suggestions were denied due to incompetence from top to bottom within the Dalek Empire. We are simply sending a message. As Ser Baras said pages ago, we just want to help Dalek nations unlock their potential. At this point, nothing is lost by furthering this war. Every single Dalek nation could reroll and be stronger tomorrow. We want to help them be stronger tomorrow. We want them to realize they can be stronger tomorrow.
  2. I may have betrayed you, but I am no traitor to the alliance. You sir, are the traitor. You betray them everyday by allowing them to suffer from the tyranny of an incompetently run alliance. I am trying to liberate them.
  3. I thought you were in Skaro? I wasn't even aware they constituted an alliance at this point. Last I heard Paul disbanded them. But really, not much of an alliance when nobody helps each other out. I have seen like three counters in this whole liberation fight.
  4. I'm liberating them. I'm informing them of the incompetence of the alliance that they are in. Moreover, we have informed every Skaro nation that should they join us we will help them reroll and we have guaranteed to them that they will be stronger then they are now. From the ashes comes the phoenix.
  5. Right? HD making me the Senator for his alliance and promoting me to his "communications man" means I don't have any understanding of the alliance. It totally makes sense that you, having never been a member, would understand them much better than I. I can totally follow that. The worst leaders are those who care about being liked more than they care about being the best. When you want everyone to like you it's easy to fall into complacency. It's easy to let your alliance become the joke of the game. It's easy to get rolled. And you should know, I don't rule the Cult through fear. I didn't even want to be the leader. They asked me. I accepted because that's how I roll. But hey, if you want to fear me I'm cool with it.
  6. Well as you know I'm the self-proclaimed leader of Skaro, so that. If you mean past relations I have previously been a member of the Dalek Empire. I was the Senator this round if you didn't notice. (Emily Thorne). So what you're saying is that this coup is helping Skaro? I have inspired a player who at least knows how to login to join Skaro. I will gladly take all credit. Thanks for helping me make this all worth while!
  7. A coup is about the least cowardly thing you can do. To coup is to risk everything. If you lose you're done. And loyalty to HD was a waste of my time. Why should I care about supporting a leader who clearly doesn't care about his alliance? The alliance gets run down and not the slightest thing is done to improve it. Instead, the most that occurs is stroking the memberships ego by telling them revenge will surely be had against TE Police. Good luck with that. No, I have loyalty, but not to HD. My loyalty is to Skaro. To the members of Skaro. I fight to help liberate them from the tyranny of incompetence. If a war is the only way to show that, then war it is. Honestly though, this war is pathetic. Seven people have been able to hold off an alliance of what was 50 with at best minimal damage taken. If you stay in Skaro you are the coward. You're afraid to offend incompetence. Show some loyalty to the nations of Skaro. Help improve the alliance. I think it's because you picked the autocracy social policy on Civilization 5.
  8. Sometimes to save the patient you must act quickly. You must destroy before you can rebuild. If a nation wants immediate peace, a peace that we desperately want to give them, they need only recognize the one true Skaro. The Cult of Skaro is open to all those who choose the enlightened path. For everyone else, everyone who clings to the pretender, well, we will see you on the field of battle. We shall liberate the Skaro!
  9. A Skaro Announcement Hello Friend, I am the rightful ruler of the United Nations Skaro. Apparently, you guys didn't get the memo, but I'm in charge now. Please give me my alliance, or I'll have to rein you all in. I'm serious. I want my alliance NOW. Give it to me or someone's gonna get a hurt real bad! Finally, The new government of UN Skaro is as follows, Coolgreen44, Head Backpedaler Ser Baras, Head of the Insurrection Xelvin, Minister of the Sea Jeversh, Minister of the Sky Blorbland, Minister of the TE Cinnamon, Something Danizduhman, Minister of Minstry Like Affairs Concerning Cybernations Max, Minister of the Thing That Goes "Ping!" Havok, Minister of all stuff HavoK Terminal, Minister of WAAARRHHHH Mushi, Minister of worthless Idleing ZZZPTM, SPEEEACH WRITTERRRRRR Tulak Hord, Minister of Lurking mythicknight, Viceroy Hormones, Who knows Beazy, FA minister ----- For those interested in the actual reasons I defer to Ser Baras. Note: This is the best coup I have been a part of. While this is the third one I have been involved with in TE this is the first one I didn't even know about and yet was somehow made the leader of! I mean I got attacked and somehow got put in charge. Don't ya just love it? Coup 1 - United Nations - Coup 2 - Murder Inc. In case you're lazy like I am. You may take note that I just copy/pasted the United Nations Coup post here. Screenshot of ongoing operations.
  10. I really don't want to fight with RE on my side. Can you like pick someone else?
  11. The great Coolgreen managed to become a Senator. Unbelievable! Anyway everyone on Black team should surely vote for me. The last time I posted in this TE section was when Murder Inc was around. That seems like it was a while ago.
  12. As everyone in Menotah is dead (I assume). I have claimed the throne. So from Menotah I say hi. Also I would like to confirm we do have the worst name in cybernations. Thanks.
  13. Four years of the most poorly named alliance in history! Former flags of the Republic of Zikawe (2362 days! Well + a 20 day vacation!) Wow, DE flag sucked. DE was in 2008...
  14. This totally contradicts the truth I posted in the other thread. [quote name='Las Vegas' timestamp='1297836657' post='2635338'] [b]Changes:[/b] [list=1] [*]No more alliances [*]Everyone starts with 20 million [*]Everyone starts with 20 nukes [*]Every nation starts at 30k ns [*]For every day after day one someone joins the game they will start 2k ns lower [*]Nation with highest nation strength after 60 days wins! [/list] [/quote] I think you should just do exactly what I said, would make me feel psychic. And that is everyone's goal right? To make me feel psychic.
  15. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1297908909' post='2636233'] That would kill the game faster than anything else. No alliances, game is dead. (plus, there is no way Admin could enforce that). Disregarding the nation building aspect of the game is nothing but a cop out for the lazy. [/quote] Of course alliances would exist, but they would be smaller and well organized. By saying no alliances I mean no alliance affiliation box. And I think doing this would add a lot more strategy. Right now the strategy is forced at the start, build some infra. If everyone started big one could choose to attack straight away, sit and stockpile money, or build and have a weakened war chest. All of which would lead to a wide variety of nations each with different advantages and disadvantages.
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