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  1. That still doesn't make sense. What do the reparations bit have to do with Evangelion?
  2. We play it by ear. They're less rules, and more of a set of guidelines. :jacksparrow:
  3. Yes, but I already addressed that in the comment immediately preceding your own.
  4. Rules are made to be broken if you can pull it off. This is for the sake of those who can't.
  5. Alright then: 2. Try to not make it personal.
  6. Yeah, you tend to be a pretty good example of doing it right, Ardus, I'll certainly grant you that. 1. Save the aggression for IC discussions
  7. There's something I've been wondering about lately, and since I haven't used this option in quite awhile, I figured I'd bring it up here. But seriously, there have got to be some concrete rules or conditions a person should need to satisfy before they try and take a jab at people. After all, we've got stuff like this: Which, naturally, opens one up to stuff like this: Or even this exchange right here: So setting aside the why of these burns being terrible (we can all pretty much agree on that point), we need to come up with some set of rules that can save people from making bad comments like this. I mean, it's pretty clear that these kinds of posts accomplish about as much as trying to use a cigarette lighter to burn a bonfire, and end just as badly for the one attempting it. I think that this is a service that needs to be rendered for the greater CN community and would absolutely serve the greater good. Think of the many people who's dignity could be saved, were we to adopt a comprehensive ruleset for burning. They'd learn a lot, and our noses would be saved from the great risk of severe disfigurement which we all face on a daily basis with the present circumstances. What say you guys? What do you think needs to be done? And any ideas on how we could go about agreeing on these "rules of engagement"? I'm really looking forward to hearing about what others think on this vital and necessary subject, you know?
  8. TehChron


    What's worse is that they actually believe it, too.
  9. TehChron


    Your title should be "hypocrisy: when you all need to learn to just shut the $%&@ up" imho
  10. They don't get shouted down for their naivete. That's why they leave. No, they receive rough treatment on the OWF because their uninformed opinions (most of which can't really be held against them) wind up making their input seem ridiculous to long-time players. That's all. The BR will be a poorer place without you, Lam, I always enjoyed reading your posts.
  11. Sorry, but I cant help but love the feeling of having my hands in there. They fit like a glove. -Super pause
  12. Yet you don't denyyyyyyyyyyy iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, Gibsy my man.
  13. Im afraid that the only card game the NSO participates in is YGO. Sorry. You'll have to find other Lands to Tap around here, HoT
  14. And now for the real question: Does anyone give a damn? If Legion doesn't declare on Legacy in the next five minutes, then Im guessing the answer is no. Because admin knows you don't really care, you're just looking for a chance to stir the pot.
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