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  1. That still doesn't make sense. What do the reparations bit have to do with Evangelion?
  2. [quote name='Bob Janova' timestamp='1325080243' post='2887938'] There is some valid comment in the OP, though the 'oh isn't Ivan great' gets rather tiresome. [b](If he was that great, his second coming wouldn't still be stuck in an irrelevant annoyance of an alliance.)[/b] The NPO-led Initiative/Continuum period left a lot of people and alliances on 'the other side' with a huge distaste for that style of play, and after that side comprehensively won in Karma, none of them want to be led by a 'new NPO' and therefore none is allowed to appear. There are far too many 'leader' alliances, wantin
  3. We play it by ear. They're less rules, and more of a set of guidelines. :jacksparrow:
  4. Hold it. Hold it hold it hold it. This discussion is [i]not[/i] about game mechanics. There are dozens of other discussions elsewhere for that. This is about the stuff I brought up with in the OP [i]which is, at most, parallel to the issues of game mechanics you guys are bringing up[/i]. The two discussions are not parallel. It's a tangent. I want to make that clear.
  5. Yes, but I already addressed that in the comment immediately preceding your own.
  6. Rules are made to be broken if you can pull it off. This is for the sake of those who can't.
  7. Alright then: 2. Try to not make it personal.
  8. Yeah, you tend to be a pretty good example of doing it right, Ardus, I'll certainly grant you that. 1. Save the aggression for IC discussions
  9. There's something I've been wondering about lately, and since I haven't used this option in quite awhile, I figured I'd bring it up here. But seriously, there have got to be some concrete rules or conditions a person should need to satisfy before they try and take a jab at people. After all, we've got stuff like this: Which, naturally, opens one up to stuff like this: Or even this exchange right here: So setting aside the why of these burns being terrible (we can all pretty much agree on that point), we need to come up with some set of rules that can save people from making bad com
  10. [quote name='mrwuss' timestamp='1324811234' post='2886134'] You spied on GOONS? Did you find out what color dress Sardonic is wearing to his wedding with SirWilliam/Beefspari???????????? I need to match my socks to his garter belt. pls find out soon ok thanks bye spy friend [/quote] I heard that it was a deep blue. Made of suede. So you may want to take that into account. And no I didn't get that from spying. It's common knowledge. I guess I'll have to do better.
  11. [quote name='Crymson' timestamp='1324922830' post='2886656'] At this point, Chron, your involvement in this thread seems to be motivated mostly by your enjoyment of the sound of your own voice. Nowhere in the rolling purple-prose of your last several posts has there been any sort of coherent point. [/quote] What's naive is assuming that I was ever motivated by anything else. Setting aside captain obvious for the moment, I have actually been contributing to the discussion. That the point goes over your head is hardly surprising. After all, if you knew what I was talking about, then you wou
  12. If you're referring to this, OsRevan: [quote]If the problem actually is no one stepping up to 'spice up the world' and just sitting around complaining... isn't this thread highly ironic? Shouldn't every one of you who is claiming there's no 'villain', and that the world needs one, be out there trying to cause havoc? Instead of in here complaining about the lack of leaders? (I exclude myself from this list, because I find that notion ridiculous). Why is it someone elses job to delivery to you the sort of leadership you want? If that is truly the problem, why aren't you stepping up and seizing
  13. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1324812025' post='2886138'] While we're at it, we should totally start up a forum so those former signatories of WUT can talk and relive the past because that's the only way I can feel self-important. Honestly, I don't know how we've gone so long without a venue where we can talk to each other. I miss NpO. [/quote] We can make it really classic and call it #disgaea2. Maybe then we can get back Sponge or even Dilber. That would be pretty cool.
  14. [quote name='Instr' timestamp='1324895186' post='2886566'] As far as a passionate, engaging, political narrative goes; this is an expression of the malaise affecting the game, but it's not the malaise itself. Quite simply, we are in a deflationary era. Tech becomes more and more precious every day, if not on a direct level, but because the tech markets are in the process of collapsing. At a certain point, all the tech available in the game will have to be bought by buyers themselves to the dearth of sellers, and at that point, tech becomes extremely, extremely, expensive. A point of tech sp
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