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  1. I never got around to moving in December so I can tell you that November's spot (-37, +140) has an efficiency of 68%.
  2. I'd just like to stick my nose into this thread and say thanks to everyone who keeps it up to date! I long since lost the time and interest to update it regularly, but it's good that it's still a useful resource.
  3. Oh come on, it was common knowledge that C&G were preparing to be a counter, and I'm pretty sure they have confirmed that since the war. NPO can choose to see a pre-empt on them as okay if they wish, but let's not pretend that an official posting of a DoS makes any real difference when intentions are known. Letum, interesting comments there. Apparently the 'new NPO' is a reality then!
  4. There's two very surprising things that have been aired to the public in Brehon's thread. First, and the main point of discussion within that thread, is that alliances now think it acceptable to refuse a no-punitive-terms peace agreement, and think that they have the right to a white peace on their own terms and at their convenience. The second, which I'd like to explore briefly here, is that the NPO has offered such a termless peace in the first place. There are two important precedents which they could call upon to easily justify far harsher demands. The first one is probably most obvious,
  5. Yes, it's that special day again, fireworks going off all around Seria – the 5th of November. Harmlin Day. The anniversary of the signing of the MDP between The Grämlins and the Mostly Harmless Alliance, five years ago now, and also of the signing of the Härmlin Accords a year later. The bond may have been broken and our two alliances not as close as they once were, and those who can truly call themselves Harmlins gradually fading into inactivity or disappearing entirely, but it is still an important day in history. Rarely have two alliances with such different roots, membership approaches an
  6. [quote name='Penlugue Solaris' timestamp='1313288197' post='2780227'] I don't see Duckroll reflected in IRON's treaties. Only thing I've noticed though. [/quote] Duckroll were very clear in their announcement thread that 'it's not a bloc' so I've never included it on here.
  7. A temporary update which has an updated NS list and most of the new treaties, but not treaties for the new alliances onto the web and I might have missed some things. [img]http://www.redcorona.com/cn/mdpweb/web20110814-labelled.png[/img] We have clearly separated power spheres again ... unfortunately it's quite difficult to get a good image but PF is also quite separate from the others. Things may be beginning to crystallise for the next war, though it is still some way off. Mjolnir appear to be the most isolated by treaty logic alone (though yes I do realise that is not everything, please
  8. Games in which wars are started over nothing are much less interesting than this one. And yeah, considering that your alliance has nestled in the core of the treaty-based power structure that dissuades anything from happening since Karma, I'm not sure you're really in a position to complain about it.
  9. That's been the case since the Viridicide.
  10. Yes, this. I think the scariest is around 50m. I've been to Cabo Girão and also to St. John's Head, Orkney (the highest cliff in Britain) and they both seem just surreal, not really much higher than a normal tall cliff of 100m or so.
  11. This isn't really news, but it is something to take on board for all alliances: make sure that your staff are all up to date on what's going on.
  12. Because the people in control declare residence in Monaco (or I guess for you Americans, the Bahamas), or other tax dodges, so that way you get nothing from anyone. So it becomes yet another tax that gets the little people and not the rich. Also, taxing profit is much fairer than taxing income, because if you tax income, you can turn a viable wage into a non-viable one (by pushing the income below fixed outgoings), whereas by taxing profit you can never turn a profitable business into a non-profitable one. Thus, corporation tax shouldn't deter entrepreneurship. Accounting isn't as hard as you
  13. Only in my sig . But I was a member of VE for 11½ months of the year.
  14. Another year passed since the day that ended the illusion of a stable and friendly Green, and another year of success and relevance for Viridia. The main event of the past year was the signing of Pandora's Box – the new central bloc of its area of the treaty web, and thrusting Viridia into the spotlight. Entering such a large and mixed bloc, in the top tier of world politics, had a predictable effect of attracting detractors, from the other power clusters. And, also predictably, the bloc made enough enemies that one of them did something which triggered a war, becoming the main event of the f
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