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Sad DoW By OBR

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The Order of the Black Rose once again finds itself watching a war with friends on both sides involved. We regard our treaties regardless of perceived importance by others as vital to who and what we are. We do not sign for advancement or protection but to recognize a special friend of another alliance. We do not nor ever will support aggressive attacks. We shall not engage a treaty partner in war but will also not allow a treaty partner who has not chosen the path of war for themselves to be attacked. As our partner under the Concordium Sed Nobis The Greenland Republic has been attacked we find ourselves honor bound to engage a noble alliance.

To that end we serve public notification to our foe, The Order of Righteous Nations, of this declaration of war. This declaration has been sent directly to The Order of Righteous Nations, before its' public release, as suits our sense of responsibility to friend as well as foe. We look to engage you in combat upon the field of honor without rancor or dislike. It is a sad duty a soldier must perform when faced with an admirable foe, but it is one that our opponent has honorably taken up with due notice of our treaty. So to them we raise our lances in salute and brace our shields to receive them.

The Order is Old warriors who strap on their armor with weary sadness for they know all too well the cost and pain of what they must do. The Order of the Black Rose will conduct her combat with due respect to those that we fight. We do not engage in tawdry propaganda, we do not vilify a foe that fights with honor to their obligation, nor make light of the causes on both sides. We reserve the right to use all means of warfare in the attempt to end this conflict as soon as possible, but we will not engage an opponent with means unbecoming of that which opposes us.

For us there are no enemies, simply foes during this conflict. To that end we make the following pledge:

Once we engage, the following rules of war and peace apply whether we triumph or falter.

1. We fight for honor as do our opponents. The Order will neither seek nor accept reparations.

2. The Order will work to see no PZI from others and reject for ourselves any PZI to any who fight this war with honor.

3. This Order will accept the responsibility to rebuild friends on either side of the conflict upon its conclusion.

4. Combat is a serious affair to be carried out with respect and dignity.

The Order will not allow its members to engage in trolling, false propaganda, or vilifying any honorable combatant in either camp. Such actions are unbecoming and not worthy of good soldiers.

5. The Order shall not engage in a war without supplying public notification. The Order fights to protect and not to gain from aggression. Dignity and respect, though diminished on Digiterra, shall be observed.

6. Sanctions are reserved for the most egregious of offenses. They shall not be employed in the fair execution of war.

7. Upon the resolution of conflict, those of both sides who showed the friendship and dignity we admired before will find our halls open. We will welcome old friends who fought on either side to the new tomorrow and to renewed bonds of friendship.

There is no way to seek battle with happiness or pleasure. We can but seek to comport ourselves always with the dignity and honor that speaks well of our allies and opponents alike,

With sadness and pride.


Dame Hime Themis

For Sir Winslow Knight Protector

The Order of the Black Rose

The Knights Council

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I wish OBR the best

Also, I support your regulations. I remember getting sanctioned in Karma when there was no valid reason, and I absolutely respect that you wouldn't abuse that power.

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i find it funny that you consider TOP an ally when they broke your treaty.

article 1a.

"a.War on anybody without just cause is wrong. Especially against our Treaty partner."

oh and then there is article 3c

"c."Friends Before Pixels" is not adequate reasoning to condone the poor behavior of your friends."

so, in 8 days if this conflict is still ongoing will you be attacking TOP? also 4 days cancellation and another 4 days NAP is a really long time.

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