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  1. I like your sig! :3

    Batallion> That's just "making a mistake"

    Batallion> and then of course you gotta learn from that mistake.

    Batallion> I have made so many mistakes that I'm virtually perfect right now

  2. I will zeal with you

  3. Man has sex with monkey, people have more sex in general, who to blame? Homosexuals, of course! [citation needed]
  4. you have the best avatar

  5. the notification thing is hard to notice SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG have my babies in mk now

  6. (the joke is that james here is relatively new himself)
  7. 1. #1. Paintball stick guy (31 votes [69%]) 2. #2. Disturbingly skinny girl (14 votes [32%]) 101%? welp ps. Seipher's is the best
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