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  1. [quote name='BloodFury' timestamp='1342333019' post='3010407'] Why not just apply to be a DJ on CNIB? [/quote] that would involve a certain level of interpersonal skills, cooperative behaviour, and (above all) intelligence
  2. congratulations on not being too bad nato
  3. [quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1341871117' post='3007476'] You missed our period in the topic title Oh good luck to the new gov etc. [/quote] So did the maker of your signature.
  4. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1341524625' post='3004153'] Calm down baby, have a piece of cheese. !@#$%baggery is neither here nor there. Spying was more bros than MK, but w/e. I'd love to hear what you mean by the first three though. [/quote] you are new so i will forgive you for not knowing about our enormous spy ring
  5. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1341429561' post='3003524'] You are the only person who thinks you're being clever. [/quote] this is false unless i, too, am a banksy
  6. Yikes. Shame about 5 and a half of those gov members.
  7. [quote name='Shadow Slayer' timestamp='1341370411' post='3003023'] Not much makes sense to you, does it? [/quote] Alliance Name:Random Insanity Alliance irony and i dont even mean that in the mean way
  8. [quote name='Starfox101' timestamp='1341275658' post='3002030'] Came to this thread not expecting much. I was lucky to get this gem of RV making fun of someone else. You're pretty much the definition of what people try to not be. I was also very pleased to see 80 sarcastic comments from MK's side, which when responded to, they responded with the ol' "haha I was jk jokes on u!" Great thread. [/quote] glad you get my epic sarcasm and witty retorts, was worried i've have to lower the standards of my posting
  9. [quote name='Stonewall Jaxon' timestamp='1341120664' post='3001023'] Just saying something that's relevant to the topic just because Bansky said it at some point isn't sarcasm [/quote] i was attempting to explain the underlying irony through which i mocked you, no need to get reductive up in here perhaps i should just end sentences with ¿ or (!) in future to assist you in interpretation, saving you the trouble of replying
  10. [quote name='Krack' timestamp='1341111669' post='3000904'] Is this one of those magic times when you're using [i]sarcasm[/i] only you mean something completely different than the definition of sarcasm? [/quote] such magic times do not happen because i am a certified Good Poster; when i say that i am employing sarcasm, i am (unless im being really meta when i say i am employing sarcasm). i admire your flippancy in writing off archons post as saying nothing though, it's what i would do if i was in your shoes too.
  11. [quote name='Krack' timestamp='1341110991' post='3000900'] He typed a lot of words and basically said nothing. It looked like he did though - which I assume was the purpose. [/quote] you can do better than this
  12. [quote name='Stonewall Jaxon' timestamp='1341098054' post='3000803'] I don't think you people even know what sarcasm is. FYI, it's when you say something so utterly ridiculous that it's apparent you mean the opposite. If every time you use "sarcasm," nobody can tell, then it's not "going over our heads," you just have !@#$%* sarcasm. You claimed your alliance was founded by ZI targets and spies. What could be the "real" meaning if that post was sarcastic? Your alliance was founded by... upstanding leaders of the community? No... that's not true either. Quit coming in halfway through a discuss
  13. woosh, the sound of facetiousness and sarcasm going well over your heads into the stratosphere once again
  14. [quote name='Stonewall Jaxon' timestamp='1341089781' post='3000738'] I've played this game just how I like it. At least half of my time here has been spent as a spy or at war. I doubt you guys have had nearly as much fun as I have, but to each his own [/quote] we were [i]founded[/i] by spies and zi targets, you have no idea how much fun we have, and never will unless you join
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