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  1. Canvassing actually works? I remember during the last federal election, I was on my way out, opened the door and found my MP standing there with his arm raised about to knock. I was more concerned with how he got in the building than what he had to say about himself.
  2. I always say I'll support the land claims of your distant and long dead ancestors if you'll support mine. I want England, most of France and some parts of Germany claimed for the Celtic homeland.
  3. So it's just one Order now?
  4. Sal Paradise

    I give up

    And yours is deluded.
  5. Sal Paradise

    I give up

    What makes you think I haven't?
  6. Sal Paradise

    I give up

    Less deluded but still deluded.
  7. The GPA Director of Nuclear Proliferation approves of your candidacy.
  8. I think the first time I took this quiz was maybe over six years ago. My results have slowly moved to the right over that time, though now and even back then I always found the wording of the questions bias me towards giving leftist answers and some of them are just stupid. Economic Left/Right: -5.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.46 That puts me close to the Dalai Lama, a theocrat. Obviously something went wrong.
  9. You've got it all backwards. Ideological conflict is about the only thing that makes wars enjoyable in this game. This war is nowhere near ideological enough and needs tons more hate and vitriol.
  10. I love the Queen one, but Freddie Mercury was awesome well before he grew the moustache.
  11. I was expecting this to be about everything.
  12. Ah, but Zog lives in Canada. And in Canada we politely petition the Crown.
  13. I mistook the comma for bad punctuation. If the comma wasn't there it might have been understandable. If the comma immediately followed "century" you would have successfully indicated the start of the next independent clause. However, putting the comma where you placed it indicates nothing and only causes confusion. If "over the past 3 decades" began a sentence, and you placed the comma after that, it would be correct usage, but with "and" preceding it, you should have put commas on either side of the adverbial phrase. Or no commas at all. Now that we've sifted through the pedantry, how about answering my question? Now revised: how have we done great harm to Islamic civilization over the last century?
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