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Chapter 1

Gen Lee

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When my $@! was 23 years old I quit professional cybernations. I have played professionally for several years now, but in my heart, I quit for real this time, tonight. It's time I accept the fact that the glory days of my life are now behind me. Just like Neil Armstrong, I went to space and now I'm back, and nobody gives a !@#$.

Therefore, I will now settle into this new life. I will find new ways in which to use these talents. I will take my current responsibilities seriously, and try to do them the best that I possibly can. Realizing that the love of my life has chosen another, I will move forward...without her. I do all these things not because I want to, but because I have to.

From this moment forward Gen. Lee is just like everyone else, normal, not special, no hopes, no dreams, pretending to be important when he's really super not. Just an average guy with exceptional hair, nothing more, nothing less.

From this moment forward the people's champion, the southern sensation, the reverse apache master, the man with the golden dick, Dr. $@ and balls...that Gen. Lee, is now dead. And he will never pick up cybernations ever !@#$@#$ again.

Chapter 2...the next chapter...

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What's with the NPO/TSO attacks?

I had little interaction with you but you were cool enough, GenLee. Good luck to you in amateur CN.

They obviously were not a fan of his bluntness when it came to "touchy" subjects

Which is what I love about you Lee

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Good riddance, don't let the door hit you on your way out.
What happened, internet tough guy?

Good riddance.

You guys really have some !@#$@#$ class don't you? You feel the need to troll a incredible asset to this community in his goodbye thread?

See ya Lee, it's been nice knowing you, good luck in whatever it is you plan on doing.

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