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  1. Awww yeah :awesome:. PM is used in wars regularly. I dont see why you all have your panties in a bunch edit: Read above, RV said it right
  2. Yes you are. Your alliance has little to do with posting style. Its something you choose to do yourself
  3. I'd wish ya luck but you don't need it. Congrats on it being official.
  4. Sparta always was an odd duck. May this new dynasty suit you well.
  5. [quote name='Jake Liebenow' timestamp='1344485248' post='3020056'] Guys, you missed the war and your chance to get rolled You guys are way too quiet now. [/quote]Just you wait.
  6. [quote name='Garion' timestamp='1344460601' post='3019889'] You're too quiet of late. [/quote] It's the calm before the storm.
  7. Your loud and I'm not surprised you shot your mouth off when leaving. However I do believe you were a loyal member of the Sith and I'm sorry to see you leave this way. Enjoy RL.
  8. The sith was lucky to have you for the time that we did. Congrats on making it this far.
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