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  1. 1996 days of CN. 134 nukes taken, 4,721,572 Casualties. Good luck to you all.

  2. Not sure if you realize it or not, but you just nailed the very reason why VE has been a pain in yours and some others asses for a long time now. The general membership of VE has always felt the disdain that you, MK, and a few others have had for us. There's always been a vibe from you guys that you consider us your lessers; that we're not worthy of being in the same room with you. Your expectation that we'd sit idly by and let MK hit our oldest ally after Ardus spent weeks on the witch hunt circuit drumming up support reeks of the highest form of arrogance and absurdity. So yeah, the general membership of VE, me being one of the more vocal members, was radically adamant in holding our ground and doing the right thing. It was bad for us politically, put our leaders in a bad spot, and isolated us after the dissolution of Pandora's Box, but after seeing the hatred by some of you in this very thread, it only confirms that we did the right thing. Getting on board just for the sake of getting on board because the so called 'King Makers' said we had to only made us want to be a bigger pain in your ass. If you guys had ever treated us with respect and as equals, maybe history would have been different. From your perspective this seems a bit immature on our part I know, but at least we're not doing tricks and spinning in circles balancing a treat on our noses waiting for our master to tell us when we can eat.
  3. There was a time when the Viridian Entente and Ragnarok were brothers in arms and the actions of the other was never questioned. Whatever the issue or reason for war, we did it together. Somewhere that changed and depending on the point of view, either Ragnarok betrayed VE or Ragnarok was unwilling to back an old friend that was drifting away from the Super Friends. It doesn't matter any longer and it hasn't for a long time. Some in VE may be disappointed that their dreams of vengeance will not be realized, but the majority of us have moved on and personally, this Viridian is disappointed that we were never able to reconcile our differences. I'll look back on the life of RoK with a smile as I think about the two or three times we both kicked the crap out of the NSO. Good luck old friends.
  4. And don't forget the fact that you put a lot of your energy into creating the slickest military machine ever assembled.
  5. That old fart mpol or whatever his name was, wasn't bad.
  6. Two alliances that know how to throw down. Heaven help anyone that happens to get tag teamed by these two. Congrats VE and IRON.
  7. If you do not see your favorite leaders listed in the above posts then most likely they have not made a career out of being a jackass. With that being said, I'd like to see Impero's name mentioned for Minister of Defense. Before he was Lord of the Entente, he played the MoD role very well. Also lets add Asawyer as Minister of IA. He was the perfect balance of dickhead and brains. And I say that with absolute affection. Also Smooth for FA.
  8. Threats based off of demonstrated ability is one thing. Threats based off of continued hot air is another. In my 5 years here, I have yet to see what GATO brings to the table and yet I applaud the great General Majicninna's attempt at comedy relief. May the paper mâché volcano that we know the GATO military machine to be erupt with the force of 100 boxes of baking soda and food coloring (optional). Dumbass.
  9. Ardus had come up with that anti PZI/EZI open treaty of sorts prior to Karma and many alliances signed it, but it did cause some friction between allies in some corners of Planet Bob. I'll agree that while the idea of applying that type of punishment was becoming taboo prior to Karma, it was still used with regular frequency.
  10. Karma hands down. PZI was prevalent, you had major spying happening (Vox Populi) and that led to some epic threads on the OWF, great characters in all corners of the political spectrum, and the best bad guy Planet Bob has ever seen in NPO who took their role very seriously. Also a lot of people forget, most alliances had a no first nuke policy when it came to wars prior to Karma and all of that was thrown out the window 24 hours after the first declarations. Good times if you were on the side of Karma.
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