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Last night my employees working in our nations SDI decided to show me up. Earlier in the night I had mentioned on #farkistan, I think, that they were all a bunch of drunkards because they hadn't been doing their job. Well, now I come to apologize to those fine men and women and to brag in their behalf.


Please feel free to brag about your SDI and what it has done (or not done), I find they are always good reads.

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First day of being able to be nuked, my SDI workers decided not to even turn up for work. This morning, they have decided that they will turn up, but still refuse to make sure the thing is switch on 24/7. I really need to find new employees... that is after I find some soldiers that don't go into battle empty handed <_<

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so far my SDI blocked 11 nukes, while 3 got through.

I must admit i am satisfied with the ratio. An alliance mate of mine on the other hand needed 13 nukes to get through a NPO SDI clearly they employ superior lasers (SDI is supposed to work on laser based technology right?)

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I had a good laugh after waking up and seeing this:



14 nukes, and then he stopped trying :blush: (and that was from one guy. The General managed to hit me on his second try (right above the last Thwarted nuke msg in the first screenshot.))

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Mine isn't _that_ awesome, but I still like it :).


Also, I launched 3 nukes and hit 3 times, so my enemies SDIs are broked :P.


Lol I tried to send you a msg last night congrating you on that, but the damned system wouldn't let me. Pay them boys overtime.

I'm firing mine, so far they haven't blocked crap.

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Heh ive got a story, too.

After i declared on my third target and wanted to do my ground attacks i noticed my soliders and tanks went missing. I checked my screen to notice i got nuked... 32 seconds after i declared on my target. My SDI thwarted 5 nukes before one got through. So if it wasnt for my SDI, i wouldnt have been able to declare on my target.

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Mine blocked two nooks before allowing one through. It was the first time I've been nuked though so I was still quite impressed that it took three to hit me. I look forward to the day when I block out missile after missile until someone gives up or runs out :awesome:

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