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  1. So, is that a yes or a no. Those are the easy kind of questions. But hey you do the hardman thing and turn to name calling. Well done, from me to you, with much love xxx
  2. Does the "=" sign mean a different thing on Planet Bob. I know the leaders on here to a man do not know what Mutual and Coalition mean but didn't know they changed the meaning of "=" too
  3. Good to know you see us as the true successor state of AI. and those that continue to fly the AI banner are fakes. I don't agree but hey, you might be right. As for top tier crap, the whole top tier on Bob are a ****ing joke, not sure how you lot keep yourself entertained when nothing really happens with you. Be it Valhalla or not, just as bad as each other.
  4. Wait, Valhalla fought in eQ? Really?
  5. Why should any alliance do something like launch Nukes? It's bad enough I need to throw all the nukes against the guy I am fighting despite at least one of my partners being able to, and having more tech than me. Sad, that you need our alliance to hold your hand by helping out to throw nukes in this dogpile though. Sad, sad indeed. (for the record glad it we're now full weapons open).
  6. If that was true then you would have removed yourself from world politics [ooc] this section of the forum[/ooc]. It is the same for everyone. Whoever is in charge of whatever alliance, if they post here, then they do care what people think of their alliance.
  7. Ha ha people still call out people over the internet. :huh: As for war on Neutrality.... I must have missed the DoW on GPA.
  8. TBH my money is on the latter. It's the only discussion/arguments the people on here know how to do. I'm actually sure people try and have a tournament on how many words they can produce just to say no u - while trying to look smart, but in the end looking like complete bell-ends.
  9. Ha ha ha, do people still discuss or brag how good they are at clicking buttons. Wow.....
  10. Impressive OP. Your teenage years will be fruitful!
  11. I know, poor show from the "official" Valhalla government for leaving it so long after the war to treaty one of our foes. Must improve time keeping....
  12. Wait there are actually people out there sad enough to do the stuff necessary to gather all this crap then do the work for others to see. Wow, just.... wow!
  13. How about any alliance that is over, lets say over two year old and has failed to reach 100 members is forced to disband, their leaders removed from ever becoming leaders again and the rest laughed at.... An alliance less than 2 years old with 49 members is just as much (if not more) as a success (especially if they started from scratch) than one that has less than 100 members at the age of 5+....
  14. So IRON cancel on NPO and then some of the "greatest minds" of Planet Bob decide to have a "no u" competition. Congrats people, truly congrats.
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