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  1. HAHAHAHAHWorld Sanction listEndymion (Stormysky) Wagglefka (Biff Webster) 5/4/2011 Trade & Aid Nuke Rogue - Self RequestSo when you get attacked, everything is possible.You do know there is a difference between an actual nuke rogue and a raid gone bad, right? They both quit, in the end its the same thing.
  2. HAHAHAHAH World Sanction list Endymion (Stormysky) Wagglefka (Biff Webster) 5/4/2011 Trade & Aid Nuke Rogue - Self Request So when you get attacked, everything is possible.
  3. I am glad that it was at least discussed on your end, but I'm not sure I can say that it's better than what happened with Senators who just took the request at face value.I know you don't owe me anything, but I am curious, what was the rationale for deciding to grant such a request? Treatypartners vs Player leaving the game?
  4. When we thought this was over, the moralists of FOK even accepted his peace!, THE OUTRAGE, THE SCUM.
  5. The sanction was obviously done at FOK's request. It hardly appears to be mutual agreement between FOK and the defending nation. Still, I wouldn't say its awful on moral grounds. The principle duty of an alliance member is to safeguard and further the strength of his alliance after all. Getting a nation you are fighting sanctioned would surely help in that goal. It seems to me though that raiding a 100k+ nation would hardly be profitable in the first place though. Maybe there is a good reason, since our senator sanctioned him. I cant imagine any reason valid enough for a sanction, this is just a poorly thought out raid and it backfired badly. I'm glad the raiders are getting nuked to pieces and I wish the community would stop this outragious attempt on destroying people's sovereignty. I keep saying poor show. tl;dr Almost back to my number 1 casualty spot!
  6. lol FOK this is pretty awfull to invade someone's sovereignty for casualty's and land. Why would you sanction someone who is quitting the game? Idiots
  7. Allthough you see april more then I do, I still love you more.

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