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  1. "Nukes do way too much damage right now" That is not a problem with game mechanics, but a problem with perception. Alliance leaders and members are too scared to risk losing large chunks of their precious alliances and nations. These leaders and players obviously gravitate towards one another over time, and before we know it we have massive alliances that are collectively against taking any kind of risk whatsoever. These alliances exist primarily for their own self-preservation, and they kill the game. Please, stop trying to pass the buck for the cowardice of the players (and their unhealthy obsession for building and maintaining power-bases and statistics) onto the game developer. The whole community needs to start encouraging those who take the risks that make the game fun, and to get rid of the suffocating influence of the self-preservation stat whores.
  2. Congratulations on being able to point out two opposing opinions in a game containing tens of thousands of players, very clever. I don't understand why you did it however, as simply saying 'these guys have a differing opinion' does nothing to refute either argument, but it looks as though you've already chosen it as your stock reply of choice to anyone who says they are bored by a world with CnG near the top, so whatever.
  3. I hate to reply to such an obviously thought-out piece with such a simple response, but the answer to why the leading alliances haven't forgiven the NPO isn't because it hasn't apologised and changed, it's because it's strategically advantageous for them to paint the NPO as (still) being the evil monster hiding under the bed. There are several alliances in particular who have become very drunk on power very quickly and they aren't ready to sober up yet, so by talking up the threat of the dangerous and menacing NPO they are able to keep the loosely affiliated blocs and relationships that give them such a free reign over the world together. From what little I can see from afar, the NPO has made changes in leadership and foreign policy. These changes are generally ignored or dismissed out of hand however, because they don't sit well with scare tactic that many have apparently bought into - that the NPO is still that same alliance that we all need to fear. I suspect that an apology would be treated in the same way by those pushing the scare tactics - dismissed out of hand with accusations of "insincerity" or "a lack of substance" no doubt - but it's possible that others might accept it, which would present an interesting situation. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens!
  4. I accidentally clicked your profile and it always intrigues me when people visit my profile for seemingly no reason, so I decided to save you some intrigue and pretend I visited your profile to declare my love for you.

    Yeeaaah.. sooo... how's tricks?

  5. Trying to get people to judge the benevolence of SG against NPO standards is pretty silly because those standards were so SO SO low that exceeding them in itself is nothing noteworthy. It'd just be nicer if they set their own (preferably higher) standards, you know? NPO has been out of power a while now and we could do things completely differently, surely that would be better than SG defaulting to the lowest possible 'we're bad but we're not NPO bad' position throughout their reign over the world.
  6. What the deuce?


  7. People hated you and threw anything they could at you. With that simple answer in mind, maybe you'd be better off focusing on why anyone would go to such lengths to smear the hated NPO in the first place. I think that'd be more productive than rewriting history by deflecting the blame for your downfall away from your leadership and onto the evil propaganda merchants (and their various lines of attack on your own particular brand of rule). OR!!! Maybe you could simply let it go and move on, instead of trying to stoke up tired old fires.
  8. jer

    4 years man....

    I have to laugh at how the uber-old guys always seem obliged to deny their own obvious feelings of achievement every time they bring up how old-school they all are, particularly when using the wonderfully funny I'm being forced to keep playing against my will, kill me now, I am not enjoying this - why am I still here!!! etc shtick. These pre-emptive strikes against potential accusations of being a "nerd" or a "geek" are not necessary guys, you are free to enjoy the triumph of existence. Put away your shame and show your pride, for it is not a crime for you to love the game as much as you do. Congratulations on four years of Cyber Nations, AirMe.
  9. jer

    RE: RE: CoJ

    Some high grade burns going on here. Nice work gentlemen.
  10. jer

    Today is the day

    I believ Believeland is making the point that most raiders are cowards who are scared of a nuclear deterrent. He is not actually a raider, but is merely mocking them through imitation. Pretty clever you guys!!! :3
  11. jer


    Nice dialogue. Predictably the economically minded leader was the perfect person to help oversee your time under terms, but it'll be interesting (to me, at least) to see whether he remains as a good fit at the head of the alliance now that you are free from the restrictions of a life under reps. Finance folks do not have the dynamism for the job of top dog if you ask me (just a general idea, not a specific criticism of Cortath), they are too linear in thought and uninspiring in deed to be effective leaders of men. You mentioned a substantial rebuilding fund to help your most loyal allies in rebuilding, how much $$$ are we talking here? If certain alliances are due big handouts from the Pacifican economic machine, I should probably take a gander at said alliances' application procedures.
  12. jer

    @ Iran

    Yeah man, they are only IRANIAN lives anyways. Iran is evil, right? Die bad guys! Die die die!
  13. Nice to see you talking about something other than Gremlins (well, almost ), even if you did apparently get the name of the day wrong. Is it Viridia Day or Sunset Day?
  14. The problem is YOU 'paying attention' (that is a nice way of putting what you're trying to do, really) to Gre. The good folks of the 150 page thread have a right to complain about what has become of Gre because there wasn't much they could do about the situation until it was too late. You, on the other hand, had that chance, but you flunked it, and yet you have had the audacity to pontificate over what the alliance has become for weeks now. In your own words: "obviously I didn't do enough", "my efforts were not enough", "some of it is probably my fault", "Like I said, I failed" and "I'm guilty of [...] not being good enough at stopping the rot". Given those comments, why on earth do you think you're in any position to give repeated lectures of criticism towards Gre telling them all how they've really let themselves go, when the Gre we see today is because of your own inaction and incompetence yesterday?
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