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  1. [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1299027619' post='2648858'] If you were there, you would know why it would need a fair bit of editing. [/quote] My curiosity. It is piqued
  2. Rebounder

    So Duckroll...

    I chuckled and tried to reply two days ago, but the forums said my "authorization" didn't match up
  3. [quote name='bigwoody' timestamp='1297033259' post='2622805'] I think the pastry was alluding to the fact that you have no idea what you actually stand for, and that you hold multiple contradictory positions. This is why you fail. [/quote] Defending allies, independence, and multipolarity are contradictory positions? Is that your excuse for standing for none of them?
  4. [quote name='Delta1212' timestamp='1297032546' post='2622787'] So... Are you standing for Independence, Multi-polarity or Defending Allies? [/quote] Yes [quote name='MCRABT' timestamp='1297032668' post='2622791'] Oh dear you are a lost cause. Is it better that I leave my members blissfully unaware of its governments intentions? I laid out our intentions to our members from the get go and I am baffled as to where your indignation for this decision stems from. The fact that you have omitted a rather sizeable chunk of my post which puts the context of which that decision was made and where
  5. [quote name='bigwoody' timestamp='1297032014' post='2622771'] Again, you miss the point. You are mistaking a lack of desire to chain in to defend the Orders for cowardice. [/quote] I'm not asking you to defend the Order; I'm asking you to defend your allies, yet you willfully ignore that
  6. [quote name='MCRABT' timestamp='1297031623' post='2622759'] Well lets not pretend this is something it is not. You are certainly not doing this for the sake of "morality" or "the greater good". You are doing it to be a pain in the neck for !@#$% and giggles because you simply do not like us. You really are nothing more than a minor inconvenience and that is all you can aspire to be. [/quote] I never really held anything against IRON before this war, but to announce to your members that they can expect neutrality at the onset of a war is rather telling And thank you for calling me an inc
  7. [quote name='The Warrior' timestamp='1297026344' post='2622617'] There it is. It was clear that your motivation was entirely personal when you claimed that multi-polar politicking was non-existent on Planet Bob and then decided to target a group of alliances who have chosen independence and neutrality and actually represented another polar on this planet. [/quote] You flatter yourself
  8. [quote name='bigwoody' timestamp='1297029003' post='2622675'] Keep in mind that Pacifica has pretty much openly stated that the main reason they want to see us enter the war is to see us burn. [/quote] You're a terrible psychologist, or mind-reader, or whatever you're trying to be. If you think I have that kind of relationship with Pacifica at the moment, you haven't read this topic. Also, take a look at the numbers. Entering this war at this point would not mean you "burn." However, the fact that you're too cowardly to even take that chance says a lot about the future of Duckroll as
  9. [quote name='bigwoody' timestamp='1297018094' post='2622390'] Now, Mr. Independence guy, what is your view on treaty chaining? [/quote] I would never watch an ally burn, regardless of what they'd done to get it. I suppose Duckroll doesn't have a "no man left behind" mentality.
  10. [quote name='bigwoody' timestamp='1297016702' post='2622357'] I don't think there is a lot to know about you... And if you're referring to BiPolar, it isn't so much that we lost the war, it's more that we lost the war because another N_O alliance turned on us from within our very own coalition. This leads to intense dislike and certainly a lack of desire to come to the Orders' defense. Imagine that. [/quote] Lumping the Orders together? Terrible mistake in the modern political climate
  11. [quote name='Johnny Apocalypse' timestamp='1297015995' post='2622340'] Still trying to start your own revolution I see. Very cute :3 [/quote] At this point, I'm just going to hold people responsible for actually reading a topic before they put in their worthless $.02.
  12. [quote name='bigwoody' timestamp='1297015494' post='2622326'] Funny, when we all tried to figure out which side of the war to align to, the answer came out "neither". As for who will win the next war, what will the sides even be? Then again, given the alliance you hail from, independence in this world must be an unfamiliar concept. Rather, I think you're just a sore loser pining for the days where alliances ran to NPO's defense as a matter of course. [/quote] Quite off-base, you don't know my history as well as you think you do. However you did show that you're sore from the days you
  13. The mere fact that NPO and allies required a completely separate declaration to enter the war completely disproves this. If there was any "this side, that side" mentality at all, NPO would have jumped into the war days after the initial declaration. Thus, they constitute two separate "mini-poles" that would stand quite well if it weren't for the massiveness of the DH-PB pole.
  14. [quote name='bigwoody' timestamp='1296982835' post='2621885'] That's the thing. I have no idea what you're standing for. Not a damn clue. You're just spouting out meaningless platitudes like a kid who washed out of freshman Philosophy. [/quote] I stand for a feeling of independence only scarcely seen in Planet Bob. I'm standing against all the topics within alliances' forums titled "Which side do we align to? Which will win the next war?" [quote name='StevieG' timestamp='1296995022' post='2622002'] Actually, that would be good. We have some new recruits that wed like to get familiari
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