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  1. Midkn1ght


    Anyone who attacked GPA would be in for a nightmare. It's that act that started the whole "NPO is out of control" discussion circles. Hopefully no one would be stupid enough to do that again.
  2. What do you mean you don't know how to respond to it? Tell them yes, wait a few hours, then tell them no, and go run and join MK. I thought that was obvious?
  3. It appears all attempts to be diplomatic were meant with a brush off, or Impero saying that's not good enough. There was never an attempt to actually talk in good faith, based off the logs posted to the OW. There's a serious problem with this whole thing mate, when you have one of your friends describing the whole thing as "mystery shopping" to see if Polar would "do you harm if they were given the choice." Entrapment via idiot, not worth a war.
  4. You didn't bother to read Xiph's interview did you Voytek. He said flat out he skipped the whole "hostage" part you just accused him of.
  5. It's not. You guys are entitled to give whoever you want second, tenth, hundreth chances. TOP's just always going to be one of those that never gets redeemed with us. We can handle threats of disbandment, isolation, and a great many other things and get over it if we think the offending party has changed, but if we think you've stabbed us in the back, or pulled some really out and out BS, you don't ever get a pass from us.
  6. We support his actions, regardless of right or wrong as the rest of the world see it, that's why he is where he is. Sure, privately some of us asked what the hell, and many of us weren't overly happy about the dropping. Until we saw that thread. You may not of meant it to, but it did come off to all of us very clearly as a screw you, and your buddies from MK and TOP rushed right in there to spit on us, and throw gas on the burning bridge, so most goodwill you had from us vanished with that thread. We all figured we'd remain friends and patch things up shortly down the road, like brothers do when they fight. I understand why you got upset Sardonic, but the way you handled it was a bit stupid, and yes, it was as pointless as making a statement that really didn't change anything was, but Xiph felt it had to be made. But you could of understood as a friend, got upset about it, and let it be. You think if you guys had gotten hit we wouldn't of been there to help, paper be damned? Instead the thread just piled on a ton of hateful comments from those in your alliances and your friends, and make it look like you weren't friends to us to start with. That's when you saw GOD go in there and say, well sucks, but I guess we made the right call after all. We didn't go in there saying we were happy about it, none of us were happy to have to do it. As for us courting Polar, that's laughable. We just don't hate them anymore, and don't want to see them get rolled for no reason, they've got several treaties tieing them to us.
  7. I wouldn't say that at all. We got over our bad blood with Polar after the war. Bad blood that extended years, all the way back to UJW. We wanted no one dismantled more then Polar, not even NPO, because Polar wanted our head on a plate, Xiph and VE can attest to many conversations had over that topic. There's a great deal more to it, but I'm not sure what I can say to make you believe that.
  8. Actually he says the opposite. He says one of the side's strengths is flexibility. You lot can still be on his "side" but he feels the need to distance himself. He mentions Q, where you didn't have that option. If you distanced yourself at all, suddenly all fire and brimstone came calling. (VE, UJW, I'm sure there's others I cant think of atm)
  9. My opinion of GOONs actually went up because of this stupid mess. If I knew and had proof someone was sitting in back channels trying to drum up a CB that didn't exist I'd pull a TOP and preempt them. This from a guy who pretty much just likes to be left alone to stare at his nation once a week. That GOONs of all folks took a more peaceful approach is just surprising.
  10. If a SF suddenly got ganged up on like that, there's no way in hell we'd listen to them telling us to not help. Escalation at this point can't do anything but hurt matters, but damn, it's sad that every time there's a war, it's really questionable if the old folks are actually going to bother to honor their pieces of paper.
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