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  1. How much of your bills are from your infrastructure? If you have 20 million you can sell all of your infrastructure, and see how much of your bills are left. But cattle/gold could be improved by rerolling. I'll add my vote for the decision to reroll. You have no wonders to hold you back anyhow.
  2. Congrats Qaianna on the announcement. And good luck to PhR. Have fun!
  3. The only time when you're guaranteed to give *infra* damage is when the nation has 0 fighter aircraft, I think.
  4. [quote name='Cooldude247' timestamp='1297140014' post='2625210'] Congrats on peace Exodus! Shout out to iMatt! We had a blast in our 1 and 1/2 rounds of war! He's definitely a great member and pretty good fighter too o/ RIA o/ Sparta o/ Exodus [/quote] Just you wait until I get my WRC My timeline has been set back but I'll get it soon enough! Good fight, Sparta. I suppose RIA too, though I didn't feel the heat from them myself.
  5. Here is a thread from a couple of years ago: [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=55588"]Thread[/url]. My [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=55588&view=findpost&p=1471416"]post[/url] in that thread mentioned 15 nukes thwarted and then a success.
  6. Well fought, RIA and Sparta. I had a blast, shoutout to cooldude for a fun fight, and giving me my first casualties with my current roll For those worrying about the offensive talk during war. Isn't this what always happens during war? (For me personally I am not much of a fan and don't participate, but I understand people have fun with it and who am I to tell them to not do it )
  7. [quote name='Bakunin's Dream' timestamp='1296942866' post='2620978'] OK, I aggregated all of Viluin's data (N=6593) and the total hit rate is 49.52% with a 95% confidence interval of (48.316%, 50.729%). So it looks like the the SDIs are working 50% of the time instead of 60% of the time. The fact that it works out to almost exactly 50% strongly suggests to me that issue really is that P(hit)=0.5 instead of 0.4 rather than there being an error in the data collection process (we wouldn't expect it to work out to a round number like 50% if it were just a case of bad data). As far as I can tell, the bottom line here is that SDIs really work 50% of the time, not 60%. Kind of funny how it took a giant war to give us the data set we needed to figure this out. [/quote] Have you brought this to Admin's attention? It would be a very quick check to see if what you are saying is correct. It would be a slower check to see if something else was polluting the data (like underreported thwarts, or some other factor affecting the base effectiveness of an SDI (which would be P(hit)=0.4)). Either way, I am confident enough in your methods (Viluin and Bakunin) to say an investigation into this is warranted.
  8. [quote name='Vespassianus' timestamp='1295985786' post='2600746'] Who cares, if you play for real you are in anarchy due to nukes for most of the time. [/quote] Interestingly enough, if you play for real you don't pay bills until just after you've been nuked (less/no army to pay).
  9. [quote name='Lord Brendan' timestamp='1296182429' post='2606532'] I'm amazed at the relative equality of the two sides here, less than a 10% advantage in score and strength for the larger side. Way closer than any large war since GW3. [/quote] It is pretty amazing isn't it. Makes for exciting times.
  10. As a note, receiving a nuke counts as a defeat alert, so the self anarchying doesn't do anything to you ([i]as long as[/i] you have already been nuked that day). Keep in mind, if ANY of your opponents looks at his Ground Attack screen, your troops will come home immediately (even if they don't try to attack), so you must be fast or your opponent must not log in much.
  11. You don't have to say the "game is dying" Who wants to join a game "which is dying", try to word it a little more optimistically. Gets the same message across but don't make the game have a negative image for the new ones, that is not what we want. We have a very active community, you just need to get involved in it. A better message sent to the new nations, would be to introduce every nation to the CN forums here, and send them to the recruitment Subforum.
  12. [quote name='admin' timestamp='1296002852' post='2601372'] The reason being that the defender gets a bonus for fighting on their home territory, as it happens in the real world. [/quote] As it should be. My post was just a guide as to how much you may wish to deploy for high (70-90%) but not overwhelming (>95%) odds.
  13. You need about 4 times the soldiers and double the tanks at least to have a good chance of winning (all other things being equal).
  14. [quote name='Varianz' timestamp='1295829163' post='2594889'] Congratulations, you managed to put some people in anarchy (RIA did more with their nukes). That should be a given, seeing as you outnumber them 11:1. You should be ashamed that the number you've put in anarchy is so low. The incompetence you're showing right now is astonishing. [/quote] It's pretty funny to watch from our end too - Add me to Wabooz as being a couple of the people anarchied by nukes from RIA and not otherwise, and there are 3 others I count. 12/30=40%, not 56%. In any case, I'm looking forward to the battle.
  15. Good on you guys for another successful election. And the cancelations, those no one should have issue with because they were all PIAT level anyway. Good work with the clean up though!
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