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  1. [quote name='Charles Stuart' timestamp='1329989807' post='2926436'] Are you seriously trying to say MK has the right to discuss any aspect of any other player's RL [i]just because you have it in an OOC forum?[/i] And again, "NPO did it first" does not make it ok. Plus, it is a crock of !@#$ argument and deems everyone who during karma fought against NPO due to NPO's "crimes" as a pack of liars. But we already knew that so meh. [/quote] Of course we do it's our !@#$@#$ forum lol. Saying the game is dying because we made an ooc post post in OUR forums is way beyond retarded. [quote name='MagicalTrevor' timestamp='1330045357' post='2927127'] As for the OOC talk. The faux outrage on here is getting beyond a joke now. Seriously it's so see through just give up with it all. [/quote] Pretty much what mr MT said.
  2. The masochistic bullied kid's dream is what this thread is.
  3. Wow, not only do we get caught spying but it's on some worthless alliance without any seemingly GOOD result. I'm so disappointed with my alliance right now. (i mean this in quite the literal way btw). Also Roq what exactly is Nagasaki? Throw me a PM or something wrt to it if you have the time/will, i'm genuinely curious.
  4. [quote name='Van Hoo III' timestamp='1328641117' post='2916233'] Then, like I said ... carry on. The request has been made and there isn't anything else for me to do here. [/quote] I've been pretty passive about this so far because after all i only wanted the whole situation that lead to this to turn up well for everyone and i never really commented on it beyond that since i didn't care that much what would happen afterwards or what lead up to it. Because i really think you've got as much right at doing whatever you want outside the game as much as people on the MK forums have at expressing their opinion over anything, as long as they don't bring it in CN (when they have to obey admin's rules of course). But you eating !@#$ about us making public info and images of you and kk beyond those you've readily provided (or accepted being provided) is really pissing me off and i consider this a pretty huge attempt to use OOC !@#$ to manipulate IC !@#$ and i hope we put you on our goomba list forever for the !@#$ you're trying to pull here.
  5. [quote name='Van Hoo III' timestamp='1328639296' post='2916211'] DDL: I don't wish what we went through upon anyone. The deletion and removal of their beloved community works for me though. Things have already been set in motion, and no, that is not a threat. [/quote] How exactly are you privy to such information mister? OOC: Also we've got no images/personal information on either you or kk on our site, anything related to you in that thread is already made public thanks to you. And you have exactly 0 right to threaten us based on public info is on there OR what info on OTHER persons is there.
  6. [quote name='Altheus' timestamp='1328531447' post='2915429'] Just what CN needs, another unpopularity contest to chase people away. Hiding behind statements like "everyone gets to vote" and "it's just a bit of fun" to try and disassociate itself from what it is, schoolyard bullying. Wake up. [/quote] Are you !@#$@#$ kidding me? How can what we say on OUR forums about people who have been old and active enough to have actively govern for enough time cause them to quit? And $%&@ yeah, if they did i'd join Denial on the yarr lynch mob'ing.
  7. [quote name='Hime Themis' timestamp='1327643082' post='2907983'] Good Uaciaut I see so fighting regularly is immaterial just so long as you are the one to declare war? That is not our style sorry. Respectfully Dame Hime Themis [/quote] It means you've always barked about etiquette while never actually standing up for anything. Unless you think going to peace mode while your alliance actually goes to war for once during it's lifetime means anything. The fact that you fought a war when it was the only choice means jack !@#$ and the fact that you're replying to him and trying to use that fact as something that would strengthen your resolve in any way is even more laughable. If your alliance is a joke you'd probably be the punch line. Do continue making baseless assumptions from behind your veils of gold though, i'm sure the reality (emphasis on the "real" part) you perceive is as accurate as the one you try to give off: gold painted manure.
  8. [quote name='Hime Themis' timestamp='1327641800' post='2907955'] Number of Soldiers Lost in All Wars.847,267 Attacking + 2,131,414 Defending = 2,978,681 Casualties Casualty Rank:Ranked #675 of 15,130 Nations (4.46%) These sad losses did not come about by paper cuts. [/quote] It came with being rogued on so many times because staying forever in peace mode would be impossible, lol. Nice try though.
  9. [quote name='Chief Savage Man' timestamp='1326317880' post='2897568'] that didn't take long [/quote] Can we set up the bait next? I suggest naming the next thread "how much longer will it take MK to stir up stupid !@#$ again"
  10. [quote name='Clash' timestamp='1323164898' post='2865571'] SNIP That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. SNIP [/quote] Beyond the fact that you aren't capable of defending your IC point of view and that your alliance has lost face more than Planet Bob will ever lose rules and as such you must resort to calling out people on OOC reasons to re-ensure some sort of position of superiority, why the hell do you even bother coming here and posting ANYTHING if you don't care what other people think and want to maintain your opinion no matter what? P.S. Good thread RV would read again.
  11. [quote name='Tygaland' timestamp='1322201259' post='2850838'] Yes, any alliance official worth their salt fills a thread with "lolpeacemode" posts. Lift your game D34th! [/quote] Since when point out hypocrisy the hypocrisy of those who were criticizing he who must not be named and now are doing the same thing he did is ad hominem?
  12. [quote name='tolkheleknar' timestamp='1322065646' post='2849769'] Where're you headed, Airme? [/quote] I suspect TLR. Best of luck wherever you may go though, shame you couldn't have started your an alliance during a time when CN pop was actually rising.
  13. I never got why people liked him and talked so much about him. He seemed like an alright guy, bit rough around the edges perhaps, but no one i particularly looked up to. Shame to see another active player gone nonetheless. fakeedit: WB!
  14. [quote name='Timeline' timestamp='1319515818' post='2831936'] Maroon seems a fun Team colour [/quote] Fixed that for you. Clearly this needs fixing in the views of some, you included.
  15. OOC: In the 3 years+ i've been playing this game i haven't even noticed that team messages existed, this after i've been white (during the time TOOL was growing like a fungus and overtook m/'s senate seat so there was plenty of activity around), orange and aqua for the most part (which was the most active team colour for quite a while and with the most competition for the seats there was). The fact that someone is FINALLY using a feature of the game outside what's thought to be the role of the feature is in no way a crime, tbh i see it as a breath of fresh air in eons and i don't know why people react so quickly in an attempt to shut it up /OOC IC: meh.
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