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  1. Hell no. You know I live for GATO only. Brief flirtation with GARO but we all fell for that one.
  2. Making an appearance. I'll be back for my 11 year anniversary in 2 months.
  3. My naughtiness notwithstanding, that wasn't my fault, really.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. We ran the numbers and it came up iffy. The real issue was that the Legion and ODN didn't back us up. Had they, we'd have taken the war in a cakewalk.
  5. GATO-1V not GW3. And I didn't want to go nuclear. No one did. Nukes weren't fun in those days. They did the same damage then as they do now basically. Except no one had 50k NS. I had like 25k and I was top 100 at the time.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnnPPYP1V10
  7. God, I hope that's not what you know us for. Like seven people in CN got that joke other than the people in GARO.
  8. Mine has been "Better smelling than Sasquatch."
  9. How old do you have to be in this game to get that do you think?
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