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  1. Hell no. You know I live for GATO only. Brief flirtation with GARO but we all fell for that one.
  2. Making an appearance. I'll be back for my 11 year anniversary in 2 months.
  3. My naughtiness notwithstanding, that wasn't my fault, really.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. We ran the numbers and it came up iffy. The real issue was that the Legion and ODN didn't back us up. Had they, we'd have taken the war in a cakewalk.
  5. GATO-1V not GW3. And I didn't want to go nuclear. No one did. Nukes weren't fun in those days. They did the same damage then as they do now basically. Except no one had 50k NS. I had like 25k and I was top 100 at the time.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnnPPYP1V10
  7. God, I hope that's not what you know us for. Like seven people in CN got that joke other than the people in GARO.
  8. Mine has been "Better smelling than Sasquatch."
  9. How old do you have to be in this game to get that do you think?
  10. Some of you may know who I am. Some of you may know who Kevlar is. Some of you may not know who either of us is. Kev and I are playing a game to find out if more people know him or me. Please help.
  11. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1346569519' post='3027373'] [center][b]Minister of Defense[/b] Chris_Kaos[/center] This make me feel younger. [/quote] The last time I held this position was August 2006. So it's been just over six years. Awww yeah.
  12. [quote name='IYIyTh' timestamp='1340658918' post='2996157'] Yes. I think you can figure out why I stopped here. Adding caveats isn't making any of you seem any smarter. Continue your charade -- as you were. Leadership change is nowhere near as important as you're making it out to be. [/quote] If you honestly think that the days of Ivan Moldavi, Dilber and Moo are equivalent to what the NPO is like now, you're absolutely delusional. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1340659044' post='2996162'] funny, I could say that about this war, interesting how things change depending on what side of
  13. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1340658542' post='2996150'] The league sat in essentially political freeze from the end of GW1 until GW2 happened, I fully agree we weren't a dedicated bloc, but to say we didn't have a chance to ensure Pacifica didn't become the monster lurking under every bed they did is BS.(I will fully agree with you that ODN/Legion royally screwed everything up for all three great wars though), League and WUT existed pre-GW2. [/quote] The League was signed on Christmas Eve. The war began directly after New Year's. Despite the League being discussed for a significant amoun
  14. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1340655977' post='2996125'] you know we basically chose to lose GW2, airme has agreed as such. [/quote] GWII was a giant cluster$%&@ from start to finish and had no business being fought at all. [quote name='IYIyTh' timestamp='1340658387' post='2996148'] These "despicable." people also happen to be your allies. [/quote] Hmm. You do realize that the things of which I speak are five or six years in the past, and those alliances which are now allied to us have long since shed the mantle of leadership which led them to be as they were back then? Times c
  15. [quote name='Balder' timestamp='1340597593' post='2995216'] Your beliefs have oft been wrong, almost as often as your actions. Return to your hole. [/quote] I'm sorry, do I know you? If we've ever spoken before, your name has long since been forgotten by me. I'm glad to have made an impression upon you though. I guess that shows the relative import we have upon one another. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1340597614' post='2995217'] We had the chance post GW, we sat on our hands and did nothing while Pacifica rebuilt, grew stronger, and made allies, we did nothing, and we got rolled for i
  16. [quote]The CoaLUEtion of old had it[/quote] I believe you have no clue of what you speak regarding the events which preceded your existence in this game by a significant amount. Don't talk out of your ass.
  17. [quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1340095337' post='2988704'] GATO has 108 Members in PM Sparta has 77 Members in PM You are both alliances with the same size member base Basically quit the PM crap, it makes you look stupid. Oh, and R&R, no touching Magicninja, he is mine. [/quote] Let's take a looksy here... Sparta, 29/30 of top 30 nations in PM. GATO, 15/30 of top 30 nations in PM. I bet you the preponderance of PM nations in GATO are low down. Oh wait, I don't have to bet you, since I told them to go there. Idiot.
  18. [quote name='Sir Sci' timestamp='1329931950' post='2925601'] I am still convinced that if it wasn't for Yoda and that whole "Coven of the Lost" thing, that the first GW would have been GATO and Legion's (and friends) opportunity to cut NPO down to a point where they could not have become so dominant. Sure, they would have rebuilt eventually, but that war ended far too soon. [/quote] Yoda and the Coven had nothing to do with that war or its end. The Legion and ODN cut and run on the rest of the CoaLUEtion via a backroom deal with the NPO without telling anyone else they were even negotiating
  19. [quote name='RandomInterrupt' timestamp='1329885622' post='2925412'] I basically agree with you, but there is one main difference. The NPO at its worst was pretty bad, and was everything you said above, but it was entirely in character. The NPO were out to win this game, and they were going to do it any way possible. However I feel that their record was pretty solid in terms of keeping everything in character. The villains you mention now, the MKs and such, are fully okay with bringing OOC issues into the game as well as utilizing OOC harassment. Folks like Ivan and Dilber, Musso and everyon
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