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  1. TFD's spirit shall live on in all her longtime members inside NATO and beyond.
  2. Thanks for the delightful time, KoN! and MHA. I'll always have fond memories of our time together. I'll give you a call sometime.
  3. If TFD disbanded, I'd have to change my AA. Way too much work; haven't done it since '07. Better to keep going. Plus, where else could I find such a colorful, exciting group of people? You haven't lived until you've been through a 40 page discussion on changing a sentence in the TFD Charter. Hot damn, it makes me hot just thinking about it.
  4. Fighting alongside Umbrella instead of against them... huh. Feels good.
  5. My deepest condolences to MCXA. Try not to irreparably damage them, Umbrella. Lusi, when you coming back home, eh? What do they have over there in Umbrella other than copious amounts of tech? I mean more tech than you could ever dream of... tech baked into delicious pies, high-tech stripper factories, and a fully automated beer volcano? Mmmmmmmm... We'll keep the light on for ya.
  6. You Knights of Ni! fellows have some pretty awesome style. I wish you the best. Now, let's kick the ever-loving !@#$ out of one another!
  7. Hot damn, it's time to stay up too late blowin' !@#$ up!
  8. My only regret is that nuclear anarchy prevented me from hitting more targets. Wish we could've kept this party going longer guys, but there were many things to consider. TFD enjoyed the fight. This is a good peace. Sorry to all you warmongers out there. Don't wait a whole year to blow the planet up next time.
  9. I'm sorry, MHA. It would seem the bypass workers sent into Frostguarde have all turned up dead. In a gesture of goodwill, please accept this delicious strawberry pie in reparation. It was crafted by the finest piesmiths in TFD, and we know a thing or two about good pie! [img]http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/4459/strawberrypie.jpg[/img] Again, my condolences to the families of those fallen workers. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten. On a happier note, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your wartime edition. I wish TFD had such a fine publication.
  10. [quote name='Lurunin' timestamp='1296754425' post='2617882'] pretty much [/quote] To be fair, MHA had plenty of alliances to pick from when they did their counter. They didn't have to pick TFD. Honestly though, TFD is so sexy, who wouldn't want to ask her to dance?
  11. I love you, NATO! We can always count on you. MHA, I don't think all of you fully understand what you've just lost. I am sad for you, but upset that you forced NATO to choose. You never doubted the choice they'd make though, did you? If you didn't see this coming the moment you hit TFD, you're being led by the blind.
  12. Thank you for your support in our plight; TPC is truly a dear and honored friend of TFD's wildlife. The irresponsibility of MHA knows no bounds. If this bypass goes forward, we could lose the last known habitat of the noble WAR-rus. Support biodiversity; nuke MHA! o/ TPC
  13. There's no need for all the hate going on here. So what if MHA had to bail Sparta out after their unprovoked and deplorable attack on Nueva Vida? Water under the bridge, my friends! What's important now is that we enjoy our time together. MHA, it will be a delight to face you in battle. At least you're actually honoring a treaty, even if it is to support a baseless, aggressive war. Also, I give my best regards to the GPA. I am glad I get to play some part in returning such a fine bunch to the #1 position. It has been a long road to recovery, but you guys really deserve it.
  14. Protecting DRAGON was an honor and a privilege. Hope we enjoy many years of friendship as treaty partners. I am sure DRAGON will continue to grow and prosper. You've succeeded despite all those who wished you ill. Congratulations, DRAGON. You guys rock!
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