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  1. i lost my dad this week so i dont care if other people are attacking me but i will not surrender. this is a game and life is more important!!!! watch out for this people: Ruler: Carabas Nation Name: Le Chat Bott Alliance: Global Alliance And Treaty Organization Ruler: Leroy Jenkinz Nation Name: Hostile Negotiations Alliance: Orange Defense Network http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=534023 Ruler: Peroman200 Nation Name: Petrolandija Alliance: Global Alliance And Treaty Organization http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=531189 Ruler: Solidus Nation Name: Librarion Alliance: Orange Defense Network http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=534965 To: Vegeta100 From: Carabas Date: 12/3/2013 7:19:22 AM Subject: There Is A Way Out! (With Cookies!) Message: Never say GATO is not without compassion. We don't want to take any more of your pixels than what you're willing to give. We respect that you came into this war in defense of your allies, but we want to give you a way out if needed. 1. Change alliance affiliation to GATO POW 2. Announce surrender in the public forums in this thread: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/213-alliance-war-resignations-and-surrenders/ 3. Decommission all tanks, aircraft, navy, and nukes and reduce soldiers to minimum 4. Destroy all guerrilla camps and barracks improvements 5. Refrain from re-entering the conflict at any point and maintain POW status until you are formally released at the end of war. 6. Request your cookies. THERE NO WAY I AM GOING TO SURRENDER AND I HOPE SOME HITS Alliance: Global Alliance And Treaty Organization AND Alliance: Orange Defense Network THIS IS Vegeta100 from Christian Coalition Of Countries
  2. i was attack today but my Alliance: The Democratic Order is not very active right now. so i need a alliance that is active and could help me with money and protection
  3. [quote name='ace072199' timestamp='1300970547' post='2674636'] Well if you need to join another alliance go unaligned, I would suggest going into peace mode for a few days while you sift through the alliance offers you get so you don't get attacked. [/quote] ok thanks for advice
  4. [quote name='ace072199' timestamp='1300160207' post='2665251'] vegeta, do what jesusfreak said above, also sell a little more infrastructure until you get down to 999 and stay at that level until you have enough money saved up to buy 400 levels of infrastructure at once. [/quote] ok now i am good but my i think my group is dead maybe i need to join a new alliance
  5. [quote name='Jesusfreak' timestamp='1300138021' post='2664910'] If you dismissed soldiers yesterday, then you can't dismiss any more until tomorrow. Go to your 'Purchase soldiers' screen and look at the [b]Maximum Soldier Sell[/b]. Decommission the number of soldiers listed in parentheses, minus 100 - ie. if it says [b]"(- 3000 W/Out Anarchy)"[/b], decommission 2,900. This should do the trick. I can't access CN at this moment (firewall), so I don't know your actual soldier count. But that process should get your Soldier count to a better level. (just make sure that you [b]NEVER[/b] decom more than what is in the parentheses. [/quote] Number of Soldiers 9,635 (10,599) Current Defending Soldiers 9,635 (10,599) Current Deployed Soldiers 0 (0) Current Citizens 7,761 working citizens Maximum Soldier Purchase 0 Maximum Soldier Sell 0 (0 W/Out Anarchy) Current Dollars Available $50,995.58 Soldiers Costs To Buy $8.40 Soldiers Cost to Maintain [b]$6.00 in red[/b]
  6. [quote name='Locke' timestamp='1300130692' post='2664786'] You can't dismiss soldiers without paying bills in the last three days. [/quote] i have paid bill yesterday and today so i have o wait for tomm then dismiss soldiers??
  7. [quote name='ace072199' timestamp='1300104156' post='2664444'] Go to your military like you were going to purchase soldiers and type in a - Negative number. [/quote] hmm i wont let me wtf?? Enter a positive value in the 'Soldier Transaction' field to purchase soldiers. Enter a negative value in the 'Soldier Transaction' field to dismiss soldiers. Once you are ready to perform the transaction click the 'Perform Transaction' button. You have already dismissed soldiers within the past two days. You may only purchase soldiers at this time.
  8. [quote name='Captain Nathan Brittles' timestamp='1300071510' post='2663982'] At this point it really doesn't matter what his tax rate is. He hasn't paid bills since 12/12/10 which means the bill avoidance penalty is taking his entire collection. Until he pays his bills he won't be able to use tax collections to help dig himself out of his debt hole. All he can do is keep selling off infrastructure until the cash he has can pay his bills or be aided out or reroll. [/quote] ' i did pay my taxes yesterday sold some infrA AND Satellites BUT the promblem is: Your population density of 13.08 population per mile is at a good level at this time. The armed forces of Vegeta100 are too powerful. This is making your population extremely uncomfortable. The infrastructure of Vegeta100 is adequate at the time with a level of 1,042.00.
  9. [quote name='ace072199' timestamp='1300030204' post='2662953'] Ok, well I think you best bet would be to delete your nation and create a new one. If you join a good alliance they will have programs to get you built up quickly. You will exceed your current nation in no time. [/quote] Your population density of 13.38 population per mile is at a good level at this time. The armed forces of Vegeta100 are too powerful. This is making your population extremely uncomfortable. The infrastructure of Vegeta100 is adequate at the time with a level of 1,052.00. i pay my bill but the happiness is furious
  10. [quote name='ace072199' timestamp='1300027759' post='2662928'] How much money do you have to pay your bills? Reroll means to delete your nation and create a new one. Which depending on how close you are to being able to pay your bills, that may be your best option. [/quote] Total Bill Payment $46,573,980.64 Money Left After Bill Payment $-27,230,888.53
  11. [quote name='Stewie' timestamp='1300023780' post='2662886'] Impressive To be honest, I'd reroll, within 20 days you can get to 4k infra. [/quote] what u mean reroll??
  12. [quote name='Arrnea' timestamp='1300021300' post='2662861'] This is your problem. Just [b]how far[/b] in debt [b]are[/b] you? [/quote] Total Cost of All Bills $46,568,980.64 Interest Charged on All Bills $5,000.00 10% per day. (Max $5000) No interest on first day. Total Bill Payment $46,573,980.64
  13. [quote name='ace072199' timestamp='1299970754' post='2661919'] Don't reroll, Get rid of just enough infrastructure to bring you down to around 1999 and stay there until you have enough money to buy at least 400 in one shot. People do infrastructure jumps for this reason. Once you are over 1999 infra the cost to maintain goes up quite a bit. If that does not reduce your bills enough, look for a tech deal to get you up and running again. and as centurius said, work on getting all of your trades set up. [/quote] i sold some now Current Infrastructure: 1,992.00
  14. [quote name='Kongo Jack' timestamp='1299995942' post='2662513'] And you've been inactive for [i]months[/i] ? [/quote] since dec You last paid your bills on 12/12/2010
  15. [quote name='Centurius' timestamp='1299934558' post='2661429'] Well first of all you should look for a good trade circle and get rid of the satellite. You should also consider buying 5 labor camps to lower your infrastructure bills and some aid from your alliance to get out of bill lock will be even better. [/quote] hmm damn
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