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Nothing Important Happened Today

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I. Believe The Lie
Argent and the New Pacific Order (hereby referred to as Signatories) believe to understand their individual positions and respect the boundaries between them.

II. Trust No One
The aforementioned Signatories recognize that there are conspiracies everywhere, and that they may work together to ensure mutual protection of the Project.

III. Accuse Your Enemies Of That Which You Are Guilty
Both Signatories agree that at times it becomes necessary to cooperate aggressively to ensure circumstances do not get beyond the scope of the Project’s control.

IV. You See What I Want You To See


V. The Truth Is Out There
The Signatories realize it prudent to share information discovered that could undermine the efforts of the other Signatory of the Project, while maintaining that it is paramount to deny everything.

VI. A War Is Never Over
Supply of funds, material, and/or personnel in times of need per request is encouraged however not mandated under the scope of the Project.

VII. Apology Is Policy
Any and all issues that may crop up between the Signatories will be handled between them promptly in a manner befitting of the respect afforded by the spirit of the Project.

VIII. Everything Dies
Both Signatories note that if it becomes necessary for an end to come for the Project a probationary period of 72 hours will be observed following a notice to terminate the Project.


Signed for the New Pacific Order,


Lord of Darkness,
Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Prophet of Orion
Shadow of the Order

Jesse End,
Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

DeathAdder, Emperor Ice, & MariMassa,
Imperial Officers of the New Pacific Order

Maelstrom Vortex,
World Conquering Dragon of War


Signed for Argent,



The Great and Powerful Emperor of Argent



Regent of Argent

Curmudgeon at Large



Minister of Internal Affairs



Minister At-Large



Minister of Communication

Dragon Emperor of Argent



Interim Minister of War




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