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  1. To the best of my knowledge that happened either very late last year or very early this year. There were already threads that were lost or made invisible (at least without an account) years ago, though.
  2. The New Pacific Order is the largest and most active alliance in the game. We have an active Discord server (250-300 people online at any given time), hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for wonder purchases, and what is probably the most extensive collection of nation guides of by any alliance.
  3. It lets you end things on your own terms, or at least on terms that you acknowledge. It's a chance to memorialize your alliance, share some memories, and transition the community's infrastructure (forums, Discord, IRC channels) into a gathering place for former members who want to come back and walk down memory lane every now and then. Other alliances have gone out of their way to celebrate peace. NPO and its allies touted it as a sign of their success in years past, for instance. And GPA was always an advocate of deliberate neutrality, not apathy or inactivity. People who create a nation and never log back in are model community members by the standard you outlined here. My advice is to disband. If GPA has no desire to play CN anymore, there's no point in maintaining a formal, comatose presence. Anyone who cares about their nation would do better in a more active alliance; anyone who doesn't could still visit GPA's forums or Discord.
  4. Being in the QT Tech tier is way better than being in the QT Pay tier in my opinion. There's a better chance of fighting wars if you're at 20k NS instead of 200k.
  5. There are (depending on your definition of "active") a handful of other alliances that fit the description, but NPO is the only one with a strong, consistent focus on slot efficiency as far as I know.
  6. He's in NPO now. He joined a little over a year ago, and I'm pretty sure he came back to the game at the same time.
  7. Forums aren't dead everywhere. Every NPO department still relies heavily on our forums, and there's plenty of forum chatter from regular members, too.
  8. Yeah, seriously. Thanks Gopher!
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