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Invicta Finds Christianity


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In recognition of our deepened friendship with one another and with an eye towards our continued success, the Christian Coalition of Countries (CCC) and Invicta do hereby enter into this treaty of Mutual Defense.

Article I. Non-Aggression
The undersigned signatories do hereby pledge to a policy of non-aggression towards one another, both in word and deed. Should this article be breached, both signatories pledge to work towards a satisfactory conclusion.

Article II. Intelligence
Should either signatory receive intelligence pertinent to the other party, they are obligated to provide it as soon as possible.

Article III. Mutual Defense
If a third party declares war on either signatory, then the other signatory is obligated to assist the assaulted party upon request. Assistance may be in the form of combative intervention or economic intervention, as specified by the assaulted party. In the event war comes via activation of a clause from another treaty, the mandatory defense is then considered optional defense.

Article IV. Cancellation
Should either party wish to withdraw from this agreement, they must issue a notice of intention 72 hours beforehand in private.


Britishdude, Chancellor of the CCC and slayer of many heretics
Shergzus, Vice Chancellor, Mom to all
Llanowar Elf, Minister of Foreign Affairs, lover of Bacon. And spam. Spam with Bacon.
Wrath Of God, Minister of Defense
Tyler_Canoe, Minister of Internal Affairs
Les Paul Supreme, Acting Minister of Internal Affairs



Ellis, President
Learz, help help they trapped me in the VPs office and wont let me out help
President Gunn of Acturea, Secretary of State, Sr. DMoFA
xR1 Fatal Instinct, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Better Than Toast (and haflinger), President Gunn's DOM.
King William, Minister of Finance
Alzeid the Glorious, DMoF, The Hater of Soup
King Biscuit, Sr. Deputy of Paperwork For Fun
Contra, Minister of War
Jon32492 Minister of Internal Affairs, Deputy Minister of Nascar Affairs
GeniusInc DMoIA (they won't let me sign)

rotty, Viceroy
Ekaterina Anastasia Kurae Romanova, by the Grace of the God of Abraham Queen of Jerusalem, Sovereign Princess of Palestine, Defender of the Faith

Nascar sucks


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