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  1. Workstation for the office, laptop for CN, consoles for the kids (and me). Granted you can get some sort of low profile PC for the TV in the living room.... but jam and marmite would be smeared all over the remote keyboard within minutes. Impractical tbh.
  2. The bluray player and streaming Lovefilm makes up for a lot of the PS3 work in my house. PlayTV etc replaced the old humax PVR. I guess it comes down whether people are comfortable sitting at a desk and playing games or sitting on a sofa. So as long as I can chuck the thing under the TV and it doesn't make any noise I'll be happy. Never looked at the xbox, Microsoft still makes my skin crawl XD
  3. I'd agree about the tendancy to turn new nations into tech farms. Although that can be assauged by offing 3/50 and having a good mentoring system to get them on their feet. Finding the right message is a nightmare. When you start CN you think soveriegnty starts at your nation until people start raiding you. At that point a new nation lives or deletes based on the dialogue between the raider and the victim. A good recruiting message warns of impending peril and how to avoid it
  4. GDA are cool. There for us. We love em to bits frequently.
  5. just want to know is it true? the offer 15 million given to new member of mcxa like me..

  6. "But anyway I don't quite support a welfare state like they have back in Britain since most un-employed people are too lazy to get a job so they rely on benefits.". Cheeky so&so. Most UK unemployed seek work, lead swingers and useless layabouts do exist but by no means are the majority. You need a welfare state if only to provide decent working class cancer healthcare etc. Good blog tho, keep up the good work. Andrew
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