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  1. Nick GhostWolf

    Supernova X - New Polar Order Peace Agreement

      *fought   Immortan Junka, it was a shame that this didn't go on longer.  I've wanted to personally fight you for a loooong time.  Rain check til next time?  Also, I commend you for having gained the humility to admit defeat with some dignity.  Thank you for not making this a sideshow or another propaganda thread.  In the long run, if you do things this way, you will find that the notoriety and scorn you reap now may be replaced with the respect that you really desire.  <ooc> alternately head over to TE next round and i'll show you a whole new level of war there.
  2. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

      Well, L_H, we appreciate the concern.  We also thank you for not taking too much of the proverbial pie, and having the foresight to only take minimal NS from Supernova-X.  I'm sure Immortan Junka also appreciates the easy XP you gave him; it will bulwark his forces with strong generals and make them more formidable opponents for us.  You've done me in particular a great service as I appreciate when my foes are strengthened before I strike, and I look forward to your contribution to SNX increasing the number of my casualties.
  3. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

      I didn't claim all of SNX are terrible fighters.  We don't have enough data to judge whether or not your fighters are worthwhile because so many of them are turtling.  And the argument that you have three strong nations putting up a marginal fight against Polars is overshadowed by the fact you are forcing these soldiers to fight alone against unpalatable odds.  1v1 maybe they have a chance but this is an alliance war not a series of battle-royales.  Did they volunteer to take the beating for the rest of your top tier to wait in the safety of peace mode?  Is this your strategy, to send your fighters out a few at a time to be slaughtered at will, seriously outnumbered and staggered and virtually doomed to ZI?   You may as well change their alliance ranks to "sacrificial lambs".
  4. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

      That's exactly what I meant by pragmatic.  Keep everything optional and you hold the cards on making decisions and you can't be plied into action.       You spin around like a top.  Ultimately the performance of your fighters is going to be the measure of their worth, not their "heart".  You speak of holding your ground and yet the numbers tell a whole different tale.  You have 50 accepted members, 9 members ghosting (some of whom are also burning for you).  18 of your people are in peace mode, the majority of whom are 50k+ NS.  Most of the rest of SNX is in anarchy.  Counter-declares are sparse and limited wholly to the lower tier.  I have visually inspected every war screen and the majority of NpO vs SNX wars thus far show SNX nations either refusing to return fire or being simply outdamaged, with a few notable examples to the contrary.  If you call what is very visibly a pile of turtles and peacemoders "dedicated and willing to fight" you are totally delusional.  I invite you to do as I have done, inspect the war screens, and actually put action into motion.  It's right there for all to see.  If you've given an order to stand valiantly your troops are failing to uphold it.  If you have not given them this order, you are failing your troops.
  5. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

      I'm not going to overtake it as a compliment.  I can recall the Doom War, and those fights were nothing like these SNX pushovers I'm farming for XP engaged in an epic battle with now.
  6. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

      The irony isn't lost on me.  I'm of the opinion personally that if a leadership structure cannot, on its own, teach its members to fight properly then that leadership structure is to blame for the failings.  Not a protectorate-turned-ODoAP.  This has the appearance of a treaty holding-pattern; unwilling to commit military force to SNX's defense at this time but unwilling to scrub the relationship completely.
  7. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

      Look at the war screens, look at SNX's... er... decisions for how they set up their nations, and all will be made clear.  Unless you don't find SNX getting squashed to be funny, in which case I guess your lack of humor would be understandable.     Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to have to wipe SNX's ass for them every time they went and did something dumb?  DK are nothing if not pragmatic, and cheap tech farms can be set up elsewhere without as much political damage control necessary.
  8. Nick GhostWolf

    Alpha Wolves Re-Declare

    oh Lord Hitchcock... never change.   thump their skulls, AW. o/
  9. Nick GhostWolf

    Rules Regarding War

      I'm not sure you could actually convince anyone to do that, but if you could prove after the fact that it was not pre-arranged and you had no prior relation to the nation in question (same AA, history of aid/trade, etc) I'm not seeing the problem.  Course, if you're gonna skirmish like that you may as well do it right with the single lv1 fighters and cautious ground attacks and such.  Just keep in mind, whoever you raid might decide they don't like that idea, then you have a war on your hands.
  10. the audacity of you rascals!   have fun on the way out.
  11. Nick GhostWolf

    "imperial Decree"?

    Idk if "abuse" is the right word for it.  Plenty of Empire-themed AA's in the world, which means plenty of Emperors who can make Imperial Decrees and then fight over which one end up being dominant.  At the worst it's just a tired cliche that shows a lack of creativity.  Nothing to throw a fit about.  I'd take a succinct "imperial Decree" over 10 paragraphs of self righteous ego-fondling any day.
  12. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

      It's secretly a pro-Junka propaganda move.  He's been chirping for months about the glory of being a <5k superpower, and he worked out an honorable and brave secret treaty with Polar to help ensure everyone in SNX becomes a <5k superpower through lots and lots of nuking
  13. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

      An alliance led by someone who perpetually keeps his nation out of range of anyone who could injure them has more than one way of being construed as cowardly.  And, SNX does have treaties, I'd be amazed if they don't activate them.  I doubt this war will remain in a vacuum.
  14. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

      i wouldn't say it's asinine, the point of the post was to express my displeasure that i may end up with no one to beat on myself :(.  mostly a complaint about my own lack of targets.  and a very true and correct statement about the cowardice of "junk".
  15. Nick GhostWolf

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    anddd the running to peace mode is ALREADY starting.  that's the problem with declaring on those who are true cowards, the minute things get real they run and hide and reduce the number of them that i can pound without mercy.  :((