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Nuclear Proliferation League Under Seige


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For several years now, NPL has toiled under the leadership of our Prime Minister, Kem, also know has KemMo.  Under Kem's leadership, we saw a Declaration of Existence, protection by allies such as Farkistan and the Guru Order.  We were forged under the fire of Grudge.  Under Kem's leadership, we joined the Superfriends bloc, and rode its glory to the disbandment of Superfriends.  We destroyed the Resistance after their ill-fated attempt at a pre-emptive strike on us.  We fought The International in Dave, where we made some good friends and learned that not everybody we fight is evil.  We fought the Orange Defense Network in EQ, and confirmed our earlier lesson.  Under Kem's leadership, we freed that poor wrecking ball from a hostage situation, held hostage from a few subversives in ODN, during whatever this latest war was called (We at NPL have universally agreed not to call it Order vs Order.)


Under Kem's leadership, NPL has made some good friends along the way (in completely random order):  Farkistan, The Guru Order, Random Insanity Alliance, R&R, Global Order of Darkness, Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, the New Polar Order, The Apparatus, Pirates of the Parrot Order, ARES, The Order of Righteous Nations, Valhalla, MI6, and the League of Small Superpowers.


Under Kem, we have seen our lowest points and our greatest moments.


It is why I come to you with a sad heart and a dastardly story, as story of betrayal.


Once, a young nation, only days old, applied to the Nuclear Proliferation League.  We all laughed at his funny British accent, but we took pity on the poor guy and let him in.  During Grudge, the lad fought hard, earning the respect of the other members of NPL.  Kem promoted him to a government position, in the most thankless possible job, Recruitment.  


It turns out, Houston was an exemplary recruiter.  I have even heard it speculated that he is better than the infamous Kata, aka, RAWR.  NPL saw amazing growth under Houston's recruitment techniques, but alas, recruiting is so thankless and tedious that Houston requested a change of scenery, so Kem appointed him to Warhead of Defense. 


That was the mistake.  As soon as Houston took over the military, the plotting began.  He first earned the trust and loyalty of NPL's military officers.  From there, he made secret compacts with several keep government positions.  It was only a matter of time before he made his move.  In retrospect, it was a brilliant scheme, coupled with masterful timing.  The Triumvirate was so caught up in making sure the government of NPL would work well together, we missed the obvious.  


In a ruthless coup, Houston has taken control of NPL.  He has changed the plaque on the door covering the PM's office, and has unfortunately chained Dark Zone Elite under the desk that used to be Kem's.  


It is a dark time for NPL.  While we, the true government are not in a position to openly resist the new reign of Houston, a reign which will be known only as the Time of Tyranny.  We will work to subvert his power and ask that in this time of unholy British rule, the other nations of Planet Bob continue to keep up a good face toward us and pray for the souls who reside behind the dark current of the NPL.


Long live the Nuclear Proliferation League.

Long live our founder, KemMo.


Presenting the new High Government of the Nuclear Proliferation League


Prime Minister:  Houston

Triumvir - Gofast2006

Triumvir - Smurthwaite

Triumvir - King Wally


Warhead of Economics - Spaztik_Muffin

Warhead of Foreign Affairs - Dark Zone Elite























































tldr:  Kem retired and nobody else wanted to position, so we made Houston do it.

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Enjoy retirement Kem. You have been a great friend and an awesome leader. Its was a pleasure working with you for these past couple years, don't be a stranger. Good luck Houston, you have big shoes to fill.


o/ NPL

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Smurth are you sure DZE wasn't chained under Kem's desk all along? :awesome:

Congrats to Houston! Well deserved mate!

And a huge shoutout to Kem, buddy we just couldn't of got through these last few years without you mate. Enjoy retirement!



Naw man, it is hard to catch him.  It takes a slippery Brit to chain an elusive Mexican.  



/me reflects that it is good that we have both at NPL.

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Nah, we like INT.  We might make him curse Crownguard though.  I hear doing so will strengthen our relations with INT


I run Bartertown.



Congrats NPL!  Sad to see Kem go, glad to see Houson step up to the plate.  Ever since Dave, you've all had a fond spot in my heart.

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