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  1. Let's cross the streams in his honor.
  2. Of course I'll take the 10 leashes, even if the alternative would be just 1 year in prison. But that's not the real point of the OP... The relevant point here is, in a civilized, modern society, the objective of the penal system isn't to punish neither to avenge. it's objective is to rehabilitate and, in the meantime, protect the citizens from dangerous criminals. Physical punishment only accomplishes the objectives of a savage, outdated sense of "justice" (punishment and revenge), but is not at all a valid method to accomplish the objectives of a modern, civilized sense of justice (prevent and restore). And this is why nowadays, people find the idea of physical punishment abhorrent.
  3. C'mon, people. I know this looks moronic, but the child is only 14 years old. Give him a break.
  4. Tywin, it's clear by now that you want to provoke a conflict between Polardoxia and DBDC. No need to keep hammering the point home.
  5. Learn to read and write english, yes. Learn to speak and understand spoken english, no.
  6. Time for two girls and one cup, I presume. Someone had to say it.
  7. Every time I have it parked for a week or so without using it.
  8. The New York Times calls them "articles", too... and CNN or Fox News claim to be impartial and objective. Truth is, every news agency is nothing more than a propaganda machine. The idea that there exists such a thing like "impartial opinions" is stupid. Every human being has an opinion influenced by his interests (or by what he believes are his interests). So, calling Franz a propagandist is quite redundant. Every one of us, is.
  9. Krashnaia

    Chimaera Callout

    Happy birthday, boss. Where is the cake?
  10. You tried to poach this guy? Geez You used to be cool, Chim.
  11. Krashnaia


    I don't think the members of MK really understand or care about the difference between "satirize stereotypes about muslims" and "laught at Islam".
  12. The neutrals have two options: Fight Together or Die Alone And that's about it, folks.
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