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  1. Labeling everything we dislike as nazism is a freedom our grandparents earnt for us with they blood, sweat and tears. I will not surrender that gift, but hold on it with all my respect and pride. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.
  2. The only difference is that our new Overlords no longer need to write long essays to justify their actions. Back in the day, we lived in a world in which economic growth was the main objective of every nation, and war was seen as a transgression that needed to be justified. Now we live in a world in which war is the sole purpose of every nation, and thus it no longer needs to be justified.
  3. So, two days into the show and GPA has already decided to send the message that anyone can raid them without consequences.
  4. Two days into the new year, and we have already won something. Twice! This new year looks promising.
  5. So many family members had to be brought into the game for this to happen! Congrats, IRON.
  6. Oh, look. Rotavele's lastest multi got banned. My mission in this thread is over. ( BTW: I don't have a husband. I have a wife )
  7. It lets you purchase Generals. You win it by going to war and fighting battles.
  8. Well, it's all part of a test about how dumb can Rotavele actually be. So far, the test yields very satisfactory results.
  9. The application was posted by Rotavele. So, if you want to keep pretending you are not Rotavele, you should have written "Something funny to him". :rolleyes: Again, MI6 asked for Rotavele's screen name, not yours. So if you want to keep pretending you are not Rotavele, you should have written "when they asked for his screen name and Rota put..." :rolleyes: Why would *YOU* feel like an evil little genius? Shouldn't you have written "you make him feel like an evil little genius?" :rolleyes: Between "us"? Again, if you are pretending not to be Rotavele, you should have written "between them". The fact that you have refered to him in FIRST PERSON several times this thread, seems to indicate otherwise. :rolleyes: I know it's a mess to use the third person to refer to yourself, and slipping is inevitable. But you should keep yourself to higher standards. Or some standards, at least.
  10. Well, this part of your application almost shed a tear: You look so desperate for acceptance. Hard to believe it isn't serious. You know, a good part of why people can't stand you, Rota, is because you keep treating people like if they were idiots.
  11. You mean this? http://cn-mi6.com/index.php?showtopic=621&hl=rotavele Because it looks like a very serious application. I mean, you even attempted to hide some of your past records. Like if you were ashamed of something. And wrote great walls of text justifying some of your past deeds. Plus, your long apology about your spying in CSN is lovely.
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