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Lord Levistus

The Napalm In The Morning Accords Part Duex

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[b]The Napalm in the Morning Accords[/b]

1) Molon Labe and Valhalla recognize that even among good friends, each party shall remain sovereign.

2) A. Should Molon Labe be attacked, Valhalla agrees that in the spirit of friendship and honor to raid the western shores of the attacking party unless said attack on Molon Labe is in retaliation for Molon Labe attacking another sovereign alliance in which case Valhalla retains the choice of raiding said western shore or not.
B. Should Valhalla be attacked, Molon Labe agrees that in the spirit of friendship and honor to put much lead downrange unless said attack on Valhalla is in retaliation for Valhalla attacking another sovereign alliance in which case Molon Labe retains the choice of expending some ammo or not.

3) A. If Molon Labe finds the need to initiate war on a sovereign alliance, Valhalla may or may not send a few ships along as well.
B. If Valhalla wants to blow someone's head off, Molon Labe may take a few pot shots, or may simply chill with some beer and popcorn.

4) If Molon Labe or Valhalla have information about SHTF they better well share it or they may have to find their own foxhole on the big day.

5) Molon Labe and Valhalla can request military aid from each other.

6) Molon Labe agrees to use proper trigger control and Valhalla promises Molon Labe's western shores are off limits. If a member of either alliance has a "here hold my beer" moment, they shall have 24 hours to stand down and pay the bar tab or both alliances agree to expel the member and exercise some liberal lead poisoning.

7) If either alliance wants out, they are obligated to grant prior notice which shall start a 15 day divorce proceeding, or else be considered a low down dirty hornswoggler.

8) Both agree it smells like victory.

[b]Signed for Valhalla,

ChefJoe - Regent
Levistus - Vice Regent
Windbender - Marshal
AddictedAffliction - Emissary
Rivai  - Security Consul
Chairman Hal - Chancellor

Signed for Molon Labe,


JG MoIA / congress
Buno MoWaD / congress
Shov congress
Aggie MoFA / congress
Skoal MoTaF / congress[/b]


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I love me some Melon Lube!



Au contraire, sticking your dick in a watermelon is not advisable man, don't try it. Bad news. Seeds get stuck and that peel - well, you get the idea.

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