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  1. Your interest or libido? Im flattered to have teased either.... :ehm: Good to see you ol friend :-)
  2. It was MY fault that war went down(with the help of a disgruntled ex-GATO member)..... Good memories of a much more exciting planet bob. :-D No hard feelings I hope... :-p
  3. You and more so, your alliance, set the bar in those categories for many years, I guess you would know eh? I mean hell we had to go nuclear 30hrs after a lame mistake was made....TOP made it thru an entire war doing the same. Were far worse at such things then you. *tips hat at your achievement*
  4. Just 1......as long as that 1 is OBR :P
  5. Watch it FF! If there is one thing tyga is an expert at, its knowing what a complete arse is, as he looks at one everyday in the mirror. :smug: Sorry but we really dont have anything against TPF(though im a little bummed by their choice this war, as they probably are about ours), I still remember mhawk as a friend from back in the day of when the black sock never failed.... 'but' we will ponder using some(the more the merrier in this case!) chains to oA in on STA just to wring the last few tears out of ya' all since its been awhile since ive seen tigers whine so profusely. :gun:
  6. You would know as you are the king of disreputable actions inflicted from one alliance to another, or coalition for that matter. :ehm:
  7. Nice way to completely avoid the facts and outright lie. The responsible party posted regarding the events and let it be 'clearly' known I had nothing to do with the situation as I was not around. He took full responsibility for his action and clearly talked about the chain of events. When the situation did finally get to me, I had it rectified within 30min. Keep on lying and remaining your classy narcissistic self crymson!
  8. Same thing? Sorry but no, cutting deals with every alliance you are at war with to withhold nukes for the entire war does not come close to being in the same ballpark as a 35~40hour no first strike. Not to mention many of the nations Val was on got nuked anyhow, just by others as we were the stagger slot. I will say I wasnt happy about hearing this had occurred, and went weapons hot immediately when it was brought to my attention(Shit sometimes happens when im not around, believe what ya want), but yea 35~40hours =/= whole war that TOP missed. Edit- Now please continue to talk trash or w/e and get back to your regularly scheduled BS. Toodles!
  9. Oh cmon, it isnt that odd, Polaris and TOP have rolled out together several times........Mainly on opposite sides but still on the battlefield together :P Nothing new here on Planet Bob, all is well ;)
  10. We saved the last dance for you guys Omni, so lets get this polka started! :)
  11. So Hal doesnt like MK and voices his opinion regarding what he considers BS(as Hal has been known to do for many many MANY years), and now he speaks for Valhalla entirely? You sir are a moron of the highest caliber if after so long on Planet Bob you are still in the 'one member speaks and it represents the whole alliance because he posts a lot!' club. Also just to give you a small hint, Valhalla is not a democracy and policy is set 'officially' by one person......and if your guess is that Hal is that person you are denser then lead and truly are uninformed. As for Vals FA path? lets see....MI6(Val MDoaP treaty before TOP's by a month *though TOP did have an ODoaP prior* so that is a draw I spose), DoD(Bassman has long been a friend(and ex-ally) to Valhalla and we shared a common respect for each other for years which carried over to DoD and its government, so if that tie came as a surprise to you refer to my statement on your density), Umbrella(They approached Valhalla with diplomatic talks when we split from AI and after many chats we both found we had many things in common, not to mention WhiteMagic has long been known and respected by Valhallans and helped pave the way. So once again no surprise there once common ground was found, plus it did not hurt that Umbrella had earned our respect in the war we fought just prior with their fortitude and style) and Polaris?(If you dont know the story there and why your statement is hilarious and wrong, then I certainly wont clue you in as watching you ramble on about things you obviously know nothing about is amusing as hell....but suffice to say Valhalla did not 'follow' TOP making friends there. lol) -Now please continue the ongoing "No U" argument with Tywin and Hal as they need to be kept busy. TY- CJ
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