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  1. Down to two one. Are we upping the ante, or sticking with +/- 1 fish?
  2. We get our fish back and you move the line D:
  3. Should have just ended it early. Now that people took note, we've been jinxed!
  4. There's also the Harbor improvement which would help your economy, foreign ministry that could get you another batch of aid, the infrastructure purchases necessary to allow you to purchase said improvements. Technology required to purchase tanks, planes, cruise missiles, nukes, wonders, etc. All important considerations prior to waging a long term campaign.
  5. You're also going to need $100 million up front just to purchase the Manhattan Project, else you won't have the option to purchase nukes. That's a tad more than what you're asking for right now.
  6. A tip then for your long term goals, look up the Federal Aid Commission wonder. Might help with that secret aid you keep talking about.
  7. This whole affair has been one of absurdity, ignorance and bombasticism. Attacks were resumed when reparations talks dissolved, now that your wars are expired, you are of no interest to IRON. Acrost has elected to begin a new war, avenues for peace have been communicated and summarily declined. So now he'll go through the same experience you've had. When his education is over, then neither of you will be of any interest or concern to IRON unless you continue to buzz around our ears. Do yourself a favor and walk away.
  8. President: DRDavid Banner VP: Matthew PK War: RyanGDI FA: TOLWYN IA: arcofmudkip
  9. If we want to avoid this repeated complaint, perhaps interim names using just alliances for wiki pages, at the start, until a set community name becomes accepted. In this case it'd be AI/NPO/IRON/TIO/NATO vs Umbrella War, until Equilibrium/BIBO/Puppets war name gets recognized. Or Equilibrium vs Umbrella, if the first is too much of a pain to type in for linking purposes.
  10. Join our alliance We support haiku usage And we have whisky
  11. I fully support and endorse this fantastic grouping of maniacs.
  12. Don't listen to these guys, everyone in IRON is !@#$@#$ nuts, I should know, I'm one of them and I'm nuttier than a granola bar stuffed down Chuck Norris's undepants!
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