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  1. It was a good run, and as with most good things has run its course. It was a pleasure working with some great folks and alliances over the years, Molon Labe was honored to be member Most have figured out that Molon Labe has also run it course, I will speak for ML and say we offer our thanks and gratitude to our brothers in DR, past and present, for all the good times and for the protection offered now. It is truly appreciated by all that ever flew the ML AA.
  2. Glad to have it inked up and official with our old pals from Valhalla again
  3. Good to see, Give Em' Hell!! o/ SoA
  4. Need to change the forum link for Molon Labe to: [url="http://molonlabecn.com"]http://molonlabecn.com[/url] Thanks
  5. Now....to get back on track We have bacon and guns...nuff said http://www.molonlabealliance.com
  6. what the $%&@ was I thinking, I forgot the [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]o/ Billy Mays[/size][/color]
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