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End of War Pool


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I have a couple aid slots that are empty, therefore I decided this would be a fun thing to do with one of those aid slots. So, I'm starting a pool for when the Tetris-Legion war will end. This includes all involved participants peacing out. The way this works is that you pick a date that no one else has picked, and if the war ends on that day I will give you 3 mill, or 50 tech.

To see what days are available click the spoiler. As people sign up for a date, I will add their name to the dates below.

[spoiler]October 12
May 12, 1984 Kzoppistan

October 13
October 14 Varianz
October 15 Wishywashy
October 16 Baltus
October 17 IYIyTh
October 18 berbers
October 19 Zoomzoomzoom
October 20 Schad
October 21 Scorponok
October 22 Locke
October 23 Magicninja
October 24 Sandwich Controversy
October 25 ShadowDragon
October 26 West the wise
October 27 Gopherbashi
October 28 Ernesto Che Guevara
October 29 Dark Fox
October 30 HeroofTime55
October 31 Gibsonator21
November 1 Heggo
November 2 Magister Agricolarum
November 3 Darth
November 4 Griff
November 5 Scorn
November 6 Iceknave
November 7 Kigoshi
November 8 Cold Front
November 9 Buzz Lightyear
November 10 Melancholy Culkin
November 11 James Dahl
November 12 OrangeBeard
November 13 The Pansy
November 14 Wu Tang Clan
November 15 bcortell
November 16 LittleRena
November 17 KuroNeko
November 18 Beau Vine
November 19 Hereno
November 20 DanDesade
November 21 Facade
November 22 Wilhelm the Demented
November 23 lazaraus45
November 24 Unknown Smurf
November 25 jammar
November 26 omfghi2u2
November 27 Deimos27
November 28 aboooe
November 29 Methrage
November 30 Wabooz
December 1 SickLaxBro
December 2 MeltedLazerz

December 11, 2011 The Normandy

March 21, 2012 Sabcat [/spoiler]

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[quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1318465206' post='2823708']
If you cheated too bad for all of us , and yay Sandwich Controversy. ;)

Yay him? The hell with him and his wrong guess.

[quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1318462632' post='2823680']
October 24

Just because you are making mistakes SCY is no need to stifle the cheers I get.

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