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  1. All of you stop !@#$@#$ spamming this with !@#$@#$ political drivel I swear to $%&@ some of us avoid comment sections for a !@#$@#$ reason

    1. Keelah


      You can always click the top right of the title bar of the status sidebar and it will hide this. Hope that helps!

    2. Lord Hitchcock

      Lord Hitchcock

      i agree, people spam too much

    3. BlackClown


      This is the best status update I've ever seen

  2. Wes the Wise will reach your lower tier pretty quickly...he'll probably be down in the 25-30k range within a couple rounds. However, are few alliances with the sheer numbers of small nuclear-armed nations that NpO possesses; you could have 2-3 nations on him in that range for months without any one nation fighting him for more than a round, if so desired.
  3. Can't say that TIR failed to give them sufficient time to reconsider their stance.
  4. A comprehensive study shows this to be the swiftest and most justifiable cancellation in ages:
  5. The War of Schad's CMs is still available.
  6. This is, easily, the most productive interaction between our alliances in ages.
  7. Caveat emptor, I suppose. A random I started a tech deal with a couple months back was several days into the process of reneging on the second tech payment when his nation disappeared. Dunno whether it was self-deletion or rules infringement, but if the latter, losing the first 100 tech in addition would've at least been a good reminder that I should stop throwing money at complete randoms and expecting anything good to come out of it.
  8. At times like this, let us all remember that the power to heal is within reach of all of us. An eye for an eye leaves everyone without cruise missiles.
  9. I rely on the honour of the global community to leave my cruise missiles alone. It would be a travesty if, say, my daily allotment of spy slots were filled with 'destroy CM' attacks from now until the end of this world.
  10. I feel like insufficient attention is being devoted to the well-being of my cruise missiles.
  11. While it would be something like Game of Thrones ending with a winner-takes-all game of musical chairs, I can indeed imagine a point at which the game becomes stagnant enough that it feels worthwhile.
  12. [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_bread_mold]Rhizopus Stolonifer[/url]. First, the name itself is excellent; using classical languages never goes out of style, and Rhizopus Stolonifer has some seriously strong syllables to boot. Rhizopus Stolonifer sounds like it either ignites or crushes a slave rebellion. Rhizopus Stolonifer suggests that it has debated with the greatest philosophers the world has ever known, and bested them. Wave your magic wand and cast Rhizopus Stolonifer and the evil warlock will be banished from the lands forever. Rhizopus Stolonifer just does work. Second, because it's the name of a substance that already represents much of what SNX stands for. Like SNX, Rhizopus Stolonifer is generally harmless but unsightly, and you are probably best off limiting exposure. And ultimately, once both have gotten their roots established, you're probably best off throwing both away and starting fresh.
  13. Whyyyyyyyyyy Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ....sorry, wrong figure skater.
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