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  1. Is the flag *supposed* to look like a uterus?
  2. I don't think we do CBs anymore. We just attack. Sometimes people put a half assed effort into making one up but there isn't enough stuff going on anymore for actual CBs. People are usually too careful to give someone a CB nowadays
  3. Then people would focus in on them, and they sure as hell don't want that.
  4. It's funny how so many people from all over Bob have come together to put their differences aside here solely to shit on Valhalla. Lol. It's a beautiful thing
  5. Why do you feel the need to post the same thing over and over again? You dont even bother presenting it differently. Just stop. Posting repeatedly wont make people all of a sudden start caring about it.
  6. I'm sure someone will come along and try soon enough
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