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  1. Your point? Im not striving to be CN famous so my feelings arent really hurt if thats what you were going for.
  2. Yeah ill agree with this here especially given the owner of this blog. If youre new, you probably shouldnt tell people theyre wrong when it comes to issues of game mechanics and understanding why certain stats are or arent important. Stuff like that gets you laughed at and no one takes you seriously because youre arguing things you know nothing about.
  3. I was wondering when we would have another redundant blog/post like this. Its been too long since the last one. Seriously, you arent saying anything we havent hear before over, and over, and over again in blogs. We get it.
  4. In the end, free speech is free speech. Not, free speech as long as i approve. You cant just decide to take away someones freedom of speech because you dont like what they are saying. Thats not how it works. They are free to say what they want whether you like it or not and you just have to deal with it. (Notice i didnt address whether i felt what they did was right or wrong. Because it doesnt matter)
  5. i disagree with rules 5 and 6. I drink alone depending on the time of day and day of the week because of my work schedule and a couple of beers can make you very courageous. ive seen great (in my eyes) and hilarious things come from liquid courage. lol. dont spoil my fun
  6. you pretty much proved one of his points. Congratulations and thanks for reading
  7. i cant believe you actually made a post that didnt have random caps or random phrases that no one understood. how youve changed. i am disappoint
  8. i feel like anyone using this term, or any term like it is just trying to sound smart. and they use it in hopes that the person they are talking to doesnt understand it. that way they can call them stupid when their response shows they dont understand the word
  9. lol. nice. Signing work !@#$ as Triumvir of RoK. way to go. haha. Also, i dont get the arrow to the knee thing at all. where the hell is that from?
  10. it doesnt need to make sense. you desert, you get whats coming to you. You get no pity. shouldnt have been !@#$% and left mid fight. You planning on deserting any time soon?
  11. Id say either draw or NEW. Voted NEW. NEW is crazy, they dont quit, and dont give a $%&@ what ppl think
  12. should be more like TE where you declare on someone cuz u feel like it. Things would be more fun, more enemies would be taken out
  13. it still happens, but now the alliances fighting hate each other so much its less common. I still respect avalon for when my alliance fought them during karma war and i kept in touch with them as much as i could post-war til i had to go inactive. It really just depends on who you are fighting. If i fought an alliance i couldnt stand and absolutely hated, sure id rub it in as much as i could. if it were an alliance that i was fighting cuz i had to and not for any personal vendetta then theres no reason to not be respectful because theres no animosity
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