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New Sith Order Announcement

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As with all stone structures, over the course of time the blocks begin to weather. The ground beneath it alters, and the world around it evolves. But the impression the structure leaves, both on the men who built it and those who became part of it, is everlasting.

A year ago this time you could say marks the low water mark in the NSO's history. The wounds of war were fresh on the Order's body and the gun barrels still warm from battle. The only threat we posed was one to ourselves. A lingering question of 'could we go on?' hung in the air like the stench of a score of corpses. And with our resolve and strength at it's weakest, and as isolated as we had ever been, the combined forces of Superfriends battered and bashed it's way through our doors exactly a year ago.

Overkill and exuberant force was used to punish the Order for its enemies diplomatic shortcomings and in a matter of days what was already on the brink had been left standing on it's final leg. Tattered and bruised for the second time in mere months, our alliance took blame for that which those who our foes do not fear would normally be absolved of and laid down our arms.

The Six Million Dollar War had been a hurricane to our stone structure, but with time the dust does settle, the cuts heal and those who survive learn from their mistakes. One year later the NSO stands at a new peak with new ideas, new strengths, new friends and new opportunities while those who have swung their battering rams at our door now look up and ponder their own fate.

The NSO lives, and despite the best efforts of its enemies will stand strong until the end of time.

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[quote name='Mandellav' timestamp='1312866138' post='2775561']
As much as I don't trust you guys are far as I could throw you, you've always had my respect as competitors and for the character of your alliance. I'm glad NSO is still around and I hope it is for a long time.

I agree with my comrades statement here.

Congratulations and best wishes into the future!

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Just another bump in the road, a river to cross.

Too bad the bumps had to be the heads of our allies, and the rivers their blood. We stood fast, weak and beaten - but we stood for them.

Here's to many more rolling heads o/

The Sith will march on.

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[quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1312867045' post='2775584']
[color="#0000FF"]The NSO is immortal. You will never rid of us. Never.[/color]

The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to beā€¦unnatural.

Congrats to the Sith.

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