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Blue Turtle Alliance Announcement


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Welp, this war is indeed been a cluster$%&@.

And like all, some people jump the gun.

To be perfectly frank the BTA wouldn’t mind seeing Polar burn to the ground, though at the same time we wouldn’t mind seeing some of their attacker’s burn to the ground either. Quite honestly we wouldn’t mind seeing just about everyone burn to the ground. So basically what we are saying is we think everyone should burn to the ground because just about everyone sucks.

The people who don’t suck are our allies, and a few on the other side who we wish the best of luck in this ballad of destruction.

With that being said the BTA is going to jump into this mass destruction because our allies are getting hit.

Sooooo to sum this all up:

Everyone sucks. War Gud, Nurses hot.

Pursuant with the [i]"Kel-Morian Combine Pact, Sirius Bloc, Conservative Turtles Treaty"[/i].

The Blue Turtle Alliance hereby recognizes and declares a state of war with Hooligans.

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