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    All diseases run into one, old age!!

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  1. abdur

    Smashed Bottles

    Did you need stitches?
  2. Nice, looking forward to payback next year?
  3. Gambhir deserved the MoM award. tbh. Amazing match.
  4. The bowlers performed quite well against Pakistan, considering it was not a good pitch for pace. @Erikz: Me too...
  5. India Beat Pakistan!!!! India = Awesome! Now time to pwn Sri Lanka in the finals. I reckon that if they take the top order out, the middle order is bound to crumble.
  6. Closest to Liberal, farthest from Conservative...
  7. This should be interesting.
  8. Successful bait is successful! o/Sloth
  9. This should clear some stuff up about top tier/middle tier etc. Thanks a lot for doing this mate,
  10. abdur

    MK War Stats

    Indeed it would, could you, please?
  11. Nice! Best of luck with this PC.
  12. I meant hurt them IC'ly. I couldn't care less about their OOC life/lives. That said, best of luck in dealing with this. I hope that person is brought to justice by the admin.
  13. Thirded. Seriously, this is just pathetic.
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