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  1. been a long time since I've last been around here anyways off to the mindless hails! o/ DB4D o/ NEW <3 Wifey <3
  2. the dragon of DB4D approves o/
  3. [quote name='Manis B' timestamp='1334106596' post='2950899'] welcome to the party, good luck to you in the future. stop on by our place, we've got cake. [/quote] the cake's a lie xD
  4. [quote name='Garion' timestamp='1328099088' post='2912502'] Boooo DracoDark. o/ KoH [/quote] you sadden me :<
  5. [quote name='the reaper' timestamp='1323504728' post='2872279'] lies lol [/quote] actually, truths war o/
  6. [quote name='JWConner' timestamp='1323494599' post='2871894'] Lol. Does that mean you're in peace mode again? Are you going to be crying about how you're losing infra every time someone attacks? I do so thoroughly enjoy watching you special little guys shoot your little guns. Countdown to cries for peace after your first nuking begins in 5....4....3.... lolDB4D Doesn't quite roll off the tongue as well as loLVA, but it'll have to do. [/quote] Ummm, mk isnt in pm, nice try though And there have been no cries from anyone, just everyone enjoying the mutual destruction between nation
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