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  1. Do you have to be an ally of Legion to aid them 0.o plus why are your encouraging your foe's allies to aid them. Are you trying to escalate this conflict?
  2. seriously, you need this much firepower to fight legion. NsO what a pathetic alliance. Cant do a brawl by it self.
  3. [quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1317690330' post='2815193'] You are a terrible alliance and should disband. [/quote] I support this too. Damn Jacapo we are finally have something in common
  4. [quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1317789584' post='2816705'] another anime trash alliance [/quote] I support this.
  5. [quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1312953115' post='2776481'] Did sonic phone in his signature for this from his fallout bunker? [/quote] Nah, I popped out real quick, sent my envoy, and ran back into my turtle shell
  6. Congrats to the both of us. A well awaited treaty. o/ TNG our oldest allies o/ NX for standing them this long
  7. congrats and good luck. All I can say is, Olympus is a very fine alliance to protect you.
  8. am i supposed to say congrats or have pity that you have a democratic gov.
  9. As long as Sigrun does not fool around. I think we are fine with your announcement
  10. [quote name='Alex0827a' timestamp='1311900758' post='2766515'] As much as I respect Olympus, I have to agree with this. If you can't take an insult then get the hell off the internet. [/quote] Hey it is a game. If you got beef, settle it in any way you like. So if war is an option; then you would be a fool not to take it.
  11. [quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1311748053' post='2764907'] Please do. Your support is a negative to any alliance. [/quote] as you say jackie
  12. whats up with all these merges... Well I liked you Exodus good luck on your future. As for NSO, hmm never really gave you guys a thought after ivan stepped down
  13. [quote name='Stetson' timestamp='1311743648' post='2764804'] Take care of business Olympus and if you need anything let us know. [/quote] Same thing from Nebula-X
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