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  1. First of your options have a bit biased touch and are not appropriate towards the question. Now, NPO is under the leadership of Corthat (however you spell his name) No longer it is trotksyrevenge or Moo pacific order. So obviously there will be new strategy and goals for Pacifica. The karma defeat was indeed a disastrous blow for NPO, but you gotta give it to them; NPO has the best organization in Bob and have climbed from the bottom to top in less then a year. Once the terms are over they will be buying them nukes and will gain atleast 2-3 mill in Nuke strength alone. The power that NPO possessed before was based on the support from their allies. Now that they dont have any allies besides the TPF; they will be more cautious. I think they will now focus more on who they are allied with this time.
  2. Live in Harmony Die in Vain

  3. Good Sire that is how every religion is. Just gotta seek the truth from all the falsehood. and all devotees feel the same about thier devoted religion and or beliefs
  4. I am impressed. go get some sleep Admin, let Vivi or somebody else handle this
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