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  1. lol, was this like:- you hit VE, you figure out u just jumped head first off the bridge, you raise white flag?
  2. Sad day, TC were a good bunch, they helped a brother out in need, sad to see u guys go. But goodluck with the new home in NsO
  3. Glad to see this happen, o/ NpO o/ NX p.s. Yeah we still exist
  4. Dear Attention whore, Multiple 2 by 10, divide it by 5 subtract by 4 And that is the amount of $%&@s I give.
  5. [quote name='Penlugue Solaris' timestamp='1343184539' post='3014686'] Dude, you might not have surrendered, but you definitely lost. Wording is unimportant there. Also, congrats to both parties involved, don't mean to rain on the parade! [/quote] Again I have no idea where you are pulling these facts from. NPL surrendered to Nebula-X. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107364
  6. [quote name='Emperor Marx' timestamp='1343178425' post='3014629'] Yeah that's what I'm talking about. You're signing with the same morons who surrendered [i]to the NPL[/i]. [/quote] Ha, go check your history again. We didnt surrender, and we dont fight for your personal vendettas
  7. Thanks folks, nebula-X has always been around, we dont have any plans of going extinct any time soon We are glad to have found amazing allies in The Combine. May this arrangement be prosperous for the two of us. o/ The Combine o/ Nebula-X
  8. RIP Brother. Hopefully you are in a better place now
  9. Thankyou God, now please make this scum disband
  10. [quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1327270446' post='2904963'] I'm glad you will continue to exist, you make a good punching bag when people feel the need to expend some nukes. [/quote] atleast we can take the hits jacapo, unlike you....
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