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  1. shoutout to my INT opponents: Fraulein Lexie, Oam Zhuxi, and Baron Terror! I you guys! Send me more gov to play with!
  2. [quote name='NiKiTaLaNd' timestamp='1323845718' post='2877565'] Heh no ill will here either, just venting to be honest. All this stuff was building up for far too long. And lol Jaz, [b]I was not serious about calculations[/b](albeit they are correct) - just drawing analogy to an isotope decay. Of course it will level off, more like an exponential decay, but so far its been 6 linear days and I thought I'd do something scientific with it. [/quote] lol, what kind of physicist are you?
  3. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1323843287' post='2877495'] I don't use that feature. [OOC]this is a politics-based game, where what someone says can be used against them quite often. I have a steel trap memory and like to bring things up from the past, just like most of the effective frontmen.[/OOC] [/quote] I understand! I just think the idea of scy being what mcxa is perceived of as laughable. Opinions differ all around. edit: grammar. "of" is important sometimes, apparently.
  4. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1323842179' post='2877447'] Regardless of your own members disagreeing with you, you have tried very hard to become what people think of when your alliance affiliation is mentioned. [/quote] i have a simple solution. ignore scy.
  5. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1323841932' post='2877432'] You weren't aware? Really? Wow, forget about cleaning those glasses...time to get a new prescription altogether. [/quote] Can't be bothered~
  6. [quote name='nippy' timestamp='1323841493' post='2877418'] Do you realize you quoted mrwuss' post and the proceded to post something entirely irrelevant to it? SCY "whinged" about fairness. It's right there, man....clean your glasses. You're right...GOONS should totally be upset that we've been around for a much shorter time and have better recruiting strategies than MCXA. Wait, this is one of those things SCY was talking about, right? Something about winning and losing not being important, and there's a lot of other small factors, and you can't judge an alliance on their obvious inadequacies, yadda yadda.... [/quote] I wasn't aware SCY spoke for the entire alliance from what i've seen, he seems to be the only one.
  7. [quote name='mrwuss' timestamp='1323837528' post='2877277'] Only if war was meant to be fair and not won by any means. [/quote] Oh, my. It's a good thing we aren't having a whinge about fairness~ We understood what being in the war meant. Though many of you care about this silly thing called "winning" (btw, charlie sheen wants his due rights), we do not. We do not really care what you guys think of us. Our allies got attacked, so we rose to the occasion. If that is dumb, you should be ragging on every other alliance declaring on each other, as well. We aren't doing anything that you aren't doing yourselves. If NEW wants a 1v1, they can come at me in July. I would be more than happy to engage in friendlies with them.
  8. [quote name='Diomede' timestamp='1296989491' post='2621953'] There is no beer good enough in the world to swim in. Plus that'd be pretty cold. Swim in coffee, shower in beer. [/quote] That's such a waste of coffee and beer congrats to the new gov!
  9. [quote name='Venizelos' timestamp='1296538168' post='2614126'] watch and review Pan's Lybrinth. or make a poem about how great anarchy is or watch David Lynch's Dune and write a review about it. [/quote] David Lynch is pretty easy, imo~
  10. [quote name='Lusitan' timestamp='1296534188' post='2613919'] You must be kidding me. Grow a pair and then come talk to me. [/quote] Oh, I'm sure that spoke for itself.
  11. [quote name='Lusitan' timestamp='1296533170' post='2613872'] Sadly for you, you can't. I can bet there's a no re-entry clause in your surrender terms. [/quote] Sadly for Taliburn, or sadly for you? He's not the one hiding behind a convenient re-entry clause.
  12. [quote name='Cataduanes' timestamp='1296210143' post='2607253'] Shout out to MCXA's draggie/Aporia, Nice guy who is both courteous and tough [/quote] awww i always love being described as a tough guy Cataduanes is pretty awesome, himself~
  13. [quote name='sir pwnage' timestamp='1295916138' post='2597423'] That was absolutely brilliant. You should sell it to THL. Better yet, save it for when you all surrender to us too [/quote] but, surrendering is no fun :<
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