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The Amazing Like Race


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Updated 5/5/2010

Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism 131
New Pacific Order 105
Imperial Assault Alliance 84
New Polar Order 79
Sparta 53
Mushroom Kingdom 48
RnR 42
Athens 38
Independent Republic Of Orange Nations 35
Viridian Entente 29
The Legion 23
Ragnarok 20
Mostly Harmless Alliance 16
Siberian Tiger Alliance 16
Orange Defense Network 14
Nordreich 13
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance 12
The Imperial Order 12
Random Insanity Alliance 11
Tetris 11
Commonwealth Of Sovereign Nations 10
Poison Clan 9
The Grand Lodge Of Freemasons 9
Fark 8
Umbrella 8
The Foreign Division 8
United Purple Nations 7
Nueva Vida 6
Green Protection Agency 4
The Order Of The Paradox 4
Global Alliance And Treaty Organization 4
The Order Of Light 4
The Democratic Order 3
World Task Force 2
Federation of Armed Nations 0
The International 0

*This original list was taken from the Sanction Race Thread. If your alliance isn't on the list and has more than 10 likes post your alliance name to get added.

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[quote name='Mixoux' date='05 May 2010 - 06:23 PM' timestamp='1273098176' post='2288113']
Facebook, obviously.

I LOL'd hard. I hope these two don't become too intertwined and CN becomes another stupid FB game.

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I personally dislike FB and do not use it, but that being said, its obvious why admin gone and done this.

You have all been complaining about how the game is declining in membership and what is to be done about that--- well, this is something little that can be done. Maybe CN gets some new players out of this.

Edited by Branimir
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[quote name='Banksy' date='05 May 2010 - 06:37 PM' timestamp='1273099050' post='2288135']
I see the MK voting machine has failed.
We realized something:


Also, we still have an unused flag as is.

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