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  1. Closest to BQ, farthest from Conservative. I'm not Canadian but I'd consider myself closest to NDP.
  2. As long as things don't go back to, "you're either tied in some way into the power structure, or you're defenseless" rut we had at one point, go crazy. Two distinguishable sides are always nice.
  3. Tie between Penkala and Bob Janova for sure.
  4. Mixoux

    Hey there, R&R.

    Heh. I could go on about points already covered by others, but that'd be a little redundant. I'll just say this: These attempts at public callouts isn't helping IRON in the slightest. All it's doing is ruining your already hilariously low public image. If you're still so interested in R&R's stance on all of this, possibly, I don't know.. talk with their gov in private.
  5. Long time no talk! Heh, how've you been.

  6. If you had an "alliance admin" who could kick ghosts, that would make things much simpler. Sure, it could lead to problems with one person going crazy with it and wiping everyone, but that's part of leading a stable alliance I guess.
  7. Cole hamels has lost the respect of Cole hamels.

    pime taradox


  9. Jouneeeeeeeeeeeeee

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