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The last couple of days have been interesting to say the least, in particular, the last couple of hours. As Carter has banned me from the FIRE forums, I'm going to have to try my best to give my account of the last couple of weeks with out them and then we'll get down to business.

Two weeks ago, The Realm merged into FIRE. I didn’t like the idea, but I said I would give it two weeks. The two weeks are up and I’m not happy. Here’s why. Let’s start with when I first joined.

The Realm was having problems. Nobody was active except for the government and the government was disagreeing. I thought we could still make it, but it was not my decision. FIRE approached us about a merge. Our Emperor was for it, and so it happened. Not many other Realm members were happy about it, which is why many of them left. As of right now, besides me, only two members of The Realm remain in FIRE.

I was hesitant to go along. I too thought about quitting, as shown in the below logs.

[2009-06-17 19:13:52] <King601> hi Nintenderek

[2009-06-17 19:14:20] <Nintenderek> Hello

[2009-06-17 19:14:45] <Otherworld> the realm is dead

[2009-06-17 19:14:46] <Otherworld> k?

[2009-06-17 19:15:33] <King601> $%&@ you Otherworld

[2009-06-17 19:15:54] <Otherworld> what

[2009-06-17 19:15:58] <Otherworld> it is o.o

[2009-06-17 19:16:21] <Nintenderek> I fail to see how it's dead

[2009-06-17 19:17:07] <Otherworld> we are merging

[2009-06-17 19:17:24] <Nintenderek> An alliance into us :P

[2009-06-17 19:17:30] <Otherworld> no

[2009-06-17 19:17:43] <Otherworld> wwe are merging INTO fire

[2009-06-17 19:17:57] <Nintenderek> That would be dumb, they have less members than us :P

[2009-06-17 19:18:57] <King601> x.x

[2009-06-17 19:19:22] <Otherworld> no they don't...

[2009-06-17 19:19:29] <Otherworld> they have like 70

[2009-06-17 19:20:47] <Nintenderek> I can't check

[2009-06-17 19:20:51] <Nintenderek> I don't know what AA they use

[2009-06-17 19:21:09] <Otherworld> its just

[2009-06-17 19:21:10] <Otherworld> FIRE

[2009-06-17 19:22:22] <Nintenderek> Who's decision was it to merge?

[2009-06-17 19:23:03] <King601> Guns

[2009-06-17 19:23:04] <Otherworld> mostly kevs...

[2009-06-17 19:23:04] <King601> >.>

[2009-06-17 19:23:09] <King601> and kevs though

[2009-06-17 19:23:13] <King601> Gun's moving to IAA

[2009-06-17 19:23:15] <King601> I dont like it

[2009-06-17 19:23:16] <King601> at all

[2009-06-17 19:23:18] <King601> >.>

[2009-06-17 19:23:30] <Nintenderek> Well most likely, if there is a merge, I will not follow

[2009-06-17 19:23:40] <Otherworld> you have a decent position if you go through with it

[2009-06-17 19:23:41] <King601> me either

[2009-06-17 19:23:54] <King601> ROFL

[2009-06-17 19:23:56] <King601> lmao

[2009-06-17 19:23:58] <Nintenderek> What are the terms of the merge?

[2009-06-17 19:24:08] <King601> We die

[2009-06-17 19:24:09] <King601> >.>

[2009-06-17 19:24:34] <Nintenderek> I got that much :P

[2009-06-17 19:25:50] <Otherworld> ermm

[2009-06-17 19:25:57] <Otherworld> lemme find the thing

[2009-06-17 19:26:27] <Otherworld> http://firenations.com/firegov.txt

[2009-06-17 19:27:09] <King601> Prime Minister (FA) Inci

[2009-06-17 19:27:09] <King601> MHM

[2009-06-17 19:27:16] <King601> I LOVE HOW THE $%&@ HES GETTING BACK INTO IT

[2009-06-17 19:27:17] <Biohazard> WAIT.

[2009-06-17 19:27:18] <King601> x.x

[2009-06-17 19:27:18] <Biohazard> JENS?

[2009-06-17 19:27:54] <King601> Fire Lord Carter

[2009-06-17 19:27:55] <King601> Fire Lord TimLee

[2009-06-17 19:27:57] <King601> That didnt change

[2009-06-17 19:28:01] <King601> its the same !@#$@#$ gov

[2009-06-17 19:28:04] <King601> which means

[2009-06-17 19:28:08] <King601> they can remove whoever

[2009-06-17 19:28:10] <King601> prolly

[2009-06-17 19:28:12] <Nintenderek> "Legio (Communication & Intelligence) Nintederek"

[2009-06-17 19:28:31] <Nintenderek> What the $%&@ does Communication and Intelligence do?

[2009-06-17 19:28:39] <King601> No clue

[2009-06-17 19:28:40] <King601> x.x

[2009-06-17 19:28:41] <King601> Biohazard

[2009-06-17 19:28:46] <King601> TFO i think is merging

[2009-06-17 19:28:47] <Biohazard> Jens who?

[2009-06-17 19:28:49] <Biohazard> JENS WHO?

[2009-06-17 19:29:07] <King601> idk

[2009-06-17 19:30:45] <Otherworld> jens is merging into FIRE

[2009-06-17 19:30:52] <Otherworld> and speak to them if you wan tto know what it does

[2009-06-17 19:31:02] <Biohazard> Who is JENS?

[2009-06-17 19:31:05] <Biohazard> speaaaaak.

[2009-06-17 19:31:12] <Otherworld> its jens..?

[2009-06-17 19:31:25] <Biohazard> JENS WHO?

[2009-06-17 19:31:29] <Biohazard> nation name

[2009-06-17 19:31:31] <Biohazard> or link

[2009-06-17 19:31:32] <Biohazard> please.

[2009-06-17 19:31:41] <Otherworld> jensofthedessert

[2009-06-17 19:31:42] <Nintenderek> Well honestly, if most of the government doesn't want to go on, there's no point

[2009-06-17 19:31:45] <Otherworld> or something like that

[2009-06-17 19:31:53] <Otherworld> hm?

[2009-06-17 19:31:58] <Nintenderek> I'll be staying along for the ride, but I'm not sure how long I'll be there

Obviously, I was hesitant. I had stopped working on another project to help Inci with his alliance. The fact that this happened indeed disappointed me, and word got around to Carter.

2009-06-17 20:45:21] <Nintenderek> Hello

[2009-06-17 20:45:23] <Nintenderek> What's up?

[2009-06-17 20:45:27] <Carter> nm

[2009-06-17 20:45:39] <Nintenderek> You need something?

[2009-06-17 20:45:51] <Carter> not particularly

[2009-06-17 20:46:30] <Carter> remember when we were having that discussion on red team senate, and moving to red?

[2009-06-17 20:47:46] <Nintenderek> Oh yeah, I do remember, I said any former Vox members who remained on red would vote for your senator if you helped us

[2009-06-17 20:48:48] <Carter> word

[2009-06-17 20:49:02] <Carter> has your gov mentioned the merger?

[2009-06-17 20:53:42] <Nintenderek> Yes, I'm not too keen on the idea personally

[2009-06-17 20:53:53] <Carter> why?

[2009-06-17 20:53:57] <Nintenderek> I think The Realm could make it through our tough times if we tried hard enough

[2009-06-17 20:54:10] <Carter> you could

[2009-06-17 20:54:17] <Carter> but the idea is that we have much more potential working together

[2009-06-17 20:54:25] <Carter> red is sexy, and we can get a senate seat

[2009-06-17 20:54:31] <Carter> we have a great group of gov too

[2009-06-17 20:55:47] <Nintenderek> I'm not even sure what my job would do

[2009-06-17 20:55:54] <Nintenderek> Intelligence and Communications?

[2009-06-17 20:57:36] <Carter> gather intel through neccessary means, you'll have access to private gov channels/forums so opinions and things

[2009-06-17 21:00:08] <Nintenderek> You mean spying on other alliances?

[2009-06-17 21:00:22] <Carter> not necessarily...

[2009-06-17 21:00:46] <Carter> spying is harsh...

[2009-06-17 21:00:51] <Carter> i like to use the words 'gathering intel'

[2009-06-17 21:00:57] <Nintenderek> <Carter> gather intel through neccessary means, you'll have access to private gov channels/

[2009-06-17 21:01:01] <Nintenderek> That's spying

[2009-06-17 21:01:04] <Carter> no

[2009-06-17 21:01:08] <Carter> it's two different statements

[2009-06-17 21:01:16] <Carter> you'll have access to our private gov channels

[2009-06-17 21:01:22] <Carter> i was telling you the job description.

[2009-06-17 21:01:41] <Nintenderek> Is it gather intel on other alliances?

[2009-06-17 21:02:29] <Carter> yes

[2009-06-17 21:03:03] <Nintenderek> And is it through their private channels and their private forums?

[2009-06-17 21:03:07] <Carter> no

[2009-06-17 21:03:15] <Carter> i meant you'd have access to our private channels and private forums

[2009-06-17 21:03:19] <Carter> as minister of intel and com

[2009-06-17 21:03:46] <Nintenderek> And how exactly would I get getting this information?

[2009-06-17 21:04:11] <Carter> the same way everyone else gets intelligence.

[2009-06-17 21:04:22] <Carter> You know how you would get information.

[2009-06-17 21:04:53] <Nintenderek> No, I don't. I usually don't just go around asking people for private information on their alliances

[2009-06-17 21:05:15] <Nintenderek> All the information I get is from public IRC convos, the CN forums, and what members of my alliance tell me

[2009-06-17 21:05:41] <Carter> to be honest, you're extremely useful. and I like you, you've always been straight forward and a nice guy. You have skills, and advice that can help FIRE do well, and I'm hoping that you'll use such skills to help FIRE progress.

[2009-06-17 21:06:00] <Carter> that's basically what we want.

[2009-06-17 21:06:16] <Carter> you'll have access to do anything you need, because you're one of the most experienced people I know.

[2009-06-17 21:06:22] <Nintenderek> I'll try it for 2 weeks and see how it goes

[2009-06-17 21:06:31] <Nintenderek> If it doesn't work out though, I'll most likely be gone

[2009-06-17 21:06:39] <Carter> fair enough

As I went through the conversation, it sounded like they wanted me for PR or something. They were desperate for me to join. I should have listened to my instinct. I talked to some friends, all of which told me to avoid Carter. My instinct also told me to avoid him. A couple of days went by and I just went along with it, I promised to stay at least two weeks to see if I would like it. A couple of days went by, and several events happened.

1. Discussion of a Red Unity treaty that would involve NPO. The rough draft had an intelligence clause that I felt iffy about, and someone even wanted a mutual defense clause. Mind you, this was all going on in secret while NPO was at war

2. In said discussion, Cater calling other red alliances, The Red Cross and Cult of Justy joke alliances

3. Government arguments – Many arguments started to happen on the FIRE forums and people would switch sides regularly. One person even resigned for 8 hours, only to come back after the 8 hours and gain his government position back.

4. Government kick outs – people would be kicked out of government for no reason, only to be replaced by people who agreed with the fire lords more

Recently, the final line was cut. While I was away (OOC: I was out of town on vacation) Fire Lord Carter decided to protect an alliance with out informing any other members of government. This alliance he decided to protect was obviously BTA. BTA was threatened by TAB for stealing a name. While, I do now understand the entire situation and can see both sides of it (that’s really not what this is about) I did not at the time, and would have voted against the protectorate because we were not involved in any way and should not have been involved because neither alliance was allied to us to enemies to us. I still stand by that and still think FIRE should not have signed that protectorate.

However, I was not even informed that we might be signing one. This is understandable, as I’m not MoFA and I was (OOC: Out of town) and so, I might have gotten to vote, but that’s about it anyway. However, no other government member was informed, including the MoFA and the other Fire Lord.

When I confronted him on IRC, it turned into this.

[2009-06-28 21:51:26] <Nintenderek> Why are we protecting the Blue Turtle Alliance?

[2009-06-28 21:52:30] <Carter> They are good friends

[2009-06-28 21:52:36] <Carter> I think they'll be successful

[2009-06-28 21:52:38] <Nintenderek> We need better reasons then that

[2009-06-28 21:52:39] <Carter> once this clears up

[2009-06-28 21:52:46] <Carter> I also think TAB is full of !@#$

[2009-06-28 21:52:52] <Carter> and that MD should be able to found BTA.

[2009-06-28 21:52:53] <Nintenderek> This could be seen as an aggressive action by TAB

[2009-06-28 21:53:14] <Carter> no doubt

[2009-06-28 21:53:23] <Nintenderek> Which is bad

[2009-06-28 21:53:29] <Nintenderek> It wasn't any of our business to get involved

[2009-06-28 21:53:40] <Carter> I disagree

[2009-06-28 21:53:56] <Carter> It's generated good PR. They have a right to live, and if I was friends with MD I'd want him to do the same

[2009-06-28 21:54:21] <Carter> This is what the Karma war was fought for

[2009-06-28 21:54:32] <Carter> Alliances not being allowed to do !@#$, just because "bigger" alliances said so

[2009-06-28 21:55:31] <Nintenderek> Yes, but they should have gotten a protector before they got called out, not after

[2009-06-28 21:56:05] <Carter> They weren't aware TAB would make a big deal out of it

[2009-06-28 21:56:11] <Carter> as he informed TAB prior

[2009-06-28 21:56:20] <Carter> about BTA remaking, and they didn't make a big deal out of it

[2009-06-28 21:56:54] <Nintenderek> Also, what did the rest of the FIRE government have to say about this matter, because I know I wasn't informed

[2009-06-28 21:57:31] <Carter> there was general support for it.

[2009-06-28 21:57:39] <Nintenderek> Not what I heard

[2009-06-28 21:57:50] <Carter> we're aiming for more communication

[2009-06-28 21:57:53] <Carter> but this was more time sensitive

[2009-06-28 21:58:04] <Nintenderek> I've talked to five other government members of our alliance so far who wish to remain unnammed

[2009-06-28 21:58:11] <Nintenderek> *unnamed

[2009-06-28 21:58:16] <Nintenderek> They were all against it

[2009-06-28 21:58:23] <Carter> Tim, Letub, Shadow King, and I were for it

[2009-06-28 21:58:33] <Nintenderek> Shadow King resigned a week ago

[2009-06-28 21:59:19] <Carter> he came back

[2009-06-28 21:59:21] <Carter> 8 hours later

[2009-06-28 21:59:23] <Carter> where have you been?

[2009-06-28 21:59:23] <Carter> lol

[2009-06-28 21:59:36] <Nintenderek> On vacation while you were not informing your government of anything

[2009-06-28 22:00:23] <Carter> I have been informing government of stuff

[2009-06-28 22:00:36] <Nintenderek> Nobody was informed of this

[2009-06-28 22:00:45] <Carter> We felt it was time sensitive

[2009-06-28 22:00:58] <Nintenderek> All it needed was 24 hours

[2009-06-28 22:01:07] <Nintenderek> All of the government could have gotten on in that time, including me

[2009-06-28 22:01:15] <Carter> that'd be too much, if TAB was dow'ing at update.

[2009-06-28 22:01:20] <Carter> Which there ARE rumors of

[2009-06-28 22:01:22] <Nintenderek> They won't be

[2009-06-28 22:01:23] <Carter> As of now

[2009-06-28 22:01:35] <Carter> Athens who's PIAT'd to MHA, who's MDoAP'd to TAB and involved in this conflict

[2009-06-28 22:01:51] <Carter> Athens told FoB (mdoap partner) who's allied to BTA, that MHA was planning on warring

[2009-06-28 22:01:54] <Carter> Fob told BTa

[2009-06-28 22:01:56] <Carter> BTA told us

[2009-06-28 22:01:56] <Nintenderek> We can't stand up to any of those alliances

[2009-06-28 22:02:04] <Carter> not planning on it, but thinking about it

[2009-06-28 22:02:09] <Carter> Athens is on our side

[2009-06-28 22:02:16] <Carter> TjO is on our side

[2009-06-28 22:02:21] <Carter> SF is on our side

[2009-06-28 22:02:56] <Carter> woooh

[2009-06-28 22:02:59] <Nintenderek> TjO I can tell you is not on our side

[2009-06-28 22:02:59] <Carter> our channel has 60 members

[2009-06-28 22:03:00] <Carter> woot

[2009-06-28 22:03:34] <Carter> KingSrqt: FIRE are a close ally of our brothers in Viridia and I applaud the stance they have taken and will gladly bring my lightsaber to battle if the situation requires it.

[2009-06-28 22:06:01] <Carter> we need you

[2009-06-28 22:06:12] <Carter> don't even think about walking out on us this soon.

[2009-06-28 22:06:16] <Carter> we're going through beef

[2009-06-28 22:06:24] <Nintenderek> Beef that you got yourself into

[2009-06-28 22:06:36] <Carter> people crying, whining, lack of communication, blahblah !@#$%^&*. but we're gonna settle it

[2009-06-28 22:06:45] <Carter> No, putting too many emotional people in govt

[2009-06-28 22:06:46] <Carter> was a mistake

[2009-06-28 22:07:11] <Nintenderek> That was not your mistake Carter and this was nobody's fault but your own

[2009-06-28 22:07:42] <Carter> I take the blame for it

[2009-06-28 22:07:45] <Carter> I don't mind

[2009-06-28 22:08:40] <Carter> the point is

[2009-06-28 22:08:42] <Carter> we're going to get through it

[2009-06-28 22:08:47] <Carter> and come out stronger than ever

[2009-06-28 22:10:59] <Nintenderek> Okay, my two weeks ends Friday. You have until then to show me that FIRE is a better alliance then it's proven to be so far, or I'm out

[2009-06-28 22:11:22] <Nintenderek> And I get the feeling I wouldn't be the only one

[2009-06-28 22:14:21] <Carter> Alright


[2009-06-29 00:43:32] <Nintenderek> What do you need?

[2009-06-29 00:43:48] <Carter> To know why you're siding with Tim Lee / believing everything he says

[2009-06-29 00:43:52] <Carter> when he hates your guts.

[2009-06-29 00:43:59] <Carter> or at least talks !@#$ about you on AIM

[2009-06-29 00:44:01] <Carter> i'm just confused

[2009-06-29 00:44:03] <Carter> as to what's going on

[2009-06-29 00:44:09] <Carter> and why you're airing dirty laundry

[2009-06-29 00:44:11] <Carter> on the CN forums

[2009-06-29 00:44:18] <Nintenderek> I don't care if he likes me or not, he agrees with what I have to say

[2009-06-29 00:44:34] <Nintenderek> Also, you have no proof of him having said anything on AIM

[2009-06-29 00:44:58] <Carter> I do, though.

[2009-06-29 00:45:02] <Carter> Logs :x

[2009-06-29 00:45:18] <Nintenderek> Let's see them

[2009-06-29 00:46:25] <Carter> i'll dig up more

[2009-06-29 00:46:31] <Carter> i just have logs from hours ago

Later, after a bunch of the rest of FIRE government resigned, I was asked if I would be resigning as well.

[2009-06-29 01:10:48] <Nintenderek> I'm not resigning

[2009-06-29 01:11:01] <Nintenderek> I promised two weeks and I am going to keep that promise

[2009-06-29 01:11:54] <Nintenderek> And if you honestly think I'm on anyone's side, think again

[2009-06-29 01:12:00] <Carter> if you're willing to ride it out, I'd like to promote you

[2009-06-29 01:12:05] <Carter> if you plan on leaving, then its not worth it

[2009-06-29 01:12:14] <Carter> I can tell you that we won't be solid, or sexy looking in two days though.

[2009-06-29 01:12:28] <Nintenderek> I will stay until the two weeks is over Friday at least

[2009-06-29 01:12:35] <Nintenderek> Unless things get better, I'll be leaving then

And lastly, is the matter of Carter’s post on the FIRE forums, which I will quote for you.

As of now, several former nations from FIRE's government have decided to part the alliance. Simply because they feel that I've neglected to communicate with them regarding present issues. However, they are incredibly misinformed, as I felt I tried to communicate with them as much as possible, and waited for Tim's approval before making the protectorate agreement with BTA.

So, they've decided to leave, and form an alliance that may or may not be attacked, but will definitely FAIL miserably.

I'll be making a new government, introducing the alliance's most active members to serve in government.

FIRE will emerge stronger, and more stable than ever.

We ask that you report any conversations with departing nations IMMEDIATELY. This is extremely important, I'll keep you anonymous if need be. I'll be offering a CN money award for anyone that gives me real logs of conversations they've had with ex-fire nations.

So basically, some leaders are really power hungry, and want to go make some fail alliance. FIRE is going to stay here, and be bigger and better than ever. Nothing to worry about.

I'll be adding onto this soon, and I'll answer any questions. But I'm incredibly exhausted, so sorry for my lack of input. I hope you understand.

Over the course of time, Tim Lee has been slandering each and every one of us, deceiving us. Appearing to act in the alliance's best interest when he was not. I have logs to prove such, as he's made negative statements about almost all of you.

Here to serve you,


Part of the reasoning that Carter had for wanting to defend BTA was the karma war. This was his Karma War, however after reading this post, FIRE started to sound and look more like a certain other red alliance, which is why other government members began to quit. And another conversation happened today. It was during this conversation, that I decided to start playing with Carter a little bit.

[2009-06-29 23:38:21] <Carter> How are you doing?

[2009-06-29 23:38:35] <Nintenderek> I'm doing fine

[2009-06-29 23:38:37] <Nintenderek> What do you need?

[2009-06-29 23:39:51] <Carter> for you to not give up on fire.

[2009-06-29 23:40:08] <Nintenderek> You have not proven yourself

[2009-06-29 23:40:19] <Nintenderek> I have not given up, but you have until Friday to prove me wrong

[2009-06-29 23:40:25] <Carter> What EXACTLY do you want me to do

[2009-06-29 23:40:56] <Nintenderek> Drop the protectorate and post a public apology to the former members of FIRE for your actions.

[2009-06-29 23:41:18] <Nintenderek> And then state that FIRE may reconsider the protectorate after government discussion takes place

[2009-06-29 23:42:02] <Nintenderek> And that, is only a start

[2009-06-29 23:46:17] <Carter> I can't drop the protectorate. Not only would it be a pr nigtmare (even worse than we're at right now) but they're friends

[2009-06-29 23:46:23] <Carter> and I don't leave friends out there to get rolled

[2009-06-29 23:46:24] <Carter> like that

[2009-06-29 23:46:40] <Nintenderek> They aren't going to get rolled, they already worked it out with TAB

[2009-06-29 23:46:57] <Nintenderek> I can write the announcement up for you if you wish for you to post.

[2009-06-29 23:47:36] <Carter> Sorry, but if you expect me to abandon friends, and break agreements, because of some internal issues...that...that I can not do

[2009-06-29 23:47:45] <Carter> They WOULD be in trouble if we dropped it

[2009-06-29 23:48:02] <Nintenderek> No they wouldn't. I have already talked to people involved

[2009-06-29 23:48:26] <Nintenderek> An agreement was made, and TAB was prepared to attack even with FIRE protecting

[2009-06-29 23:49:05] <Nintenderek> and after seeing Doitzel's comment on the forum, I can tell you that TJO would not be on our side like you said they would be

[2009-06-29 23:49:21] <Nintenderek> and after reading some posts by some of our other allies, I don't think they would be either

[2009-06-29 23:57:07] <Carter> Even if MHA attacked, all we need is one ally to trigger a reaction, ARES.

[2009-06-29 23:57:22] <Carter> ARES & RoK & FIRE are close.

[2009-06-29 23:57:28] <Nintenderek> I don't think you get it

[2009-06-29 23:57:38] <Carter> I get it, but you're making it sound like

[2009-06-29 23:57:40] <Carter> we're about to get rolled

[2009-06-29 23:57:44] <Carter> which is not going to happen

[2009-06-29 23:57:50] <Nintenderek> MHA is allied to RoK in some way

[2009-06-29 23:58:01] <Nintenderek> RoK wouldn't be able to stand by our side because of treaty obligations

[2009-06-29 23:58:06] <Nintenderek> MHA has way more allies then us

[2009-06-29 23:58:34] <Nintenderek> So, if you want to save FIRE, you should listen to what I say, other wise, I'll be leaving Friday

[2009-06-29 23:58:50] <Nintenderek> and that there would be bad PR for FIRE, and we both know it

[2009-06-29 23:58:52] <Carter> there's no alternative to dropping the protectorate

[2009-06-29 23:59:00] <Nintenderek> You stepping down

[2009-06-29 23:59:06] <Nintenderek> Is the only alternative

[2009-06-30 00:01:11] <Carter> also you're missing one key point

[2009-06-30 00:01:23] <Carter> it'd be TAB attacking us first, not MHA.

[2009-06-30 00:01:30] <Carter> that'd only make sense.

[2009-06-30 00:01:39] <Carter> Either way, it turns into an SF vs Citadel war

[2009-06-30 00:01:59] <Nintenderek> No it wouldn't

[2009-06-30 00:02:14] <Nintenderek> SF and Citadel have a treaty between FARK and I forget who in Citadel, I think Gremlins

[2009-06-30 00:02:40] <Carter> according to you, if we got attacked right now

[2009-06-30 00:02:42] <Carter> our allies would just

[2009-06-30 00:02:43] <Carter> roll over

[2009-06-30 00:02:43] <Carter> ?

[2009-06-30 00:02:44] <Nintenderek> So, because of the way the Citadel treaty is written, no SF members can declare on FARK

[2009-06-30 00:02:58] <Nintenderek> Or any FARK allies

[2009-06-30 00:03:15] <Nintenderek> The SF treaty is also written similarly if I remember right

[2009-06-30 00:03:20] <Nintenderek> So they have the same problem

[2009-06-30 00:03:43] <Nintenderek> However, it doesn't chain far enough to protect us

[2009-06-30 00:03:51] <Nintenderek> So if they resorts to war, your out of luck

[2009-06-30 00:04:47] <Carter> We'll be cancelling in the next few days, it was a week long temp

[2009-06-30 00:04:56] <Carter> to make sure they didn't get raided, and get their treaties in order

[2009-06-30 00:05:09] <Carter> also, they have a MdoAP with FoB and The Immportals

[2009-06-30 00:05:20] <Carter> FoB is MDoAP'd to Athens and Protected by MK

[2009-06-30 00:05:26] <Carter> FoB has officially stated they would fight

[2009-06-30 00:05:36] <Carter> You telling me C&G wouldn't get involved?

[2009-06-30 00:07:10] <Nintenderek> Your relying on optional aggression pacts, so yes, I'm saying C&

[2009-06-30 00:07:17] <Nintenderek> *C&G wouldn't get involved

[2009-06-30 00:07:54] <Nintenderek> What your trying to turn into another big war will not turn into that

[2009-06-30 00:08:19] <Carter> I'm not trying to

[2009-06-30 00:08:21] <Carter> I don't want a war

[2009-06-30 00:08:36] <Nintenderek> You were threatening a Citadel VS SF war

[2009-06-30 00:08:40] <Nintenderek> That is what I would call a big war

[2009-06-30 00:09:00] <Carter> I didn't threat, I said I personally thought it would turn into one.

[2009-06-30 00:09:23] <Nintenderek> When someone says what they think something could turn into with out thinking it out like you did

[2009-06-30 00:09:27] <Nintenderek> That usually means they want it

[2009-06-30 00:18:42] <Carter> Also, if you didn't mention this conversation on the cn forums, I'd appreciate it.

So, with all this in light, the rest of the FIRE government have decided to throw a party. A certain type of party, the party being called a coup. Incitatus was unable to make it to this event due to other worldly issues, however once he comes back, he will become Fire Lord, as he is the current regent. Until then, I'm in charge. If you have any questions, please send me a message or query me on IRC.

Also, please do not use the FIRE forums. Carter was the root admin, and so we weren't able to do anything about that, however, he is no longer a member of FIRE. His own mistakes have lead him to this situation. New forums are on the way, or at least temporary ones.

To TAB, I am sorry we got in this mess. If you saw this as an act of aggression, as I have said before, I would understand, however it is not FIRE’s fault, but Carter’s.

To BTA, I understand your cause and believe you are in the right, however this was not FIRE’s fight and I think you can agree that we should have stayed out of it.

To both alliances, I hope a peaceful resolution can be found, as there are people and alliances on both sides that I like.

In short, although I did not agree with the decision to sign it, we did sign a protectorate and we will not be canceling it. A promise is a promise, no matter if you agree with it or not. Plus, I kinda like Starfox and Rebel Virginia, even if nobody in FIRE has heard of their alliance before.

To our allies, I would understand if you decided to cancel on us for these past couple of days, or for the events of this evening, however I hope that it will not turn into that.

To the ex members of FIRE, I am sorry for what Carter has done to you. I do hope you will reconsider your decision to leave.

I will be messaging all members of FIRE with a link to new forums, to this thread, and with an explanation for what is going on.

I believe FIRE can make it through this with Inci in charge. When Friday comes, I will indeed be leaving the alliance, as I have planned to all along. Until then, I will make all efforts to help Inci save the alliance. I hope the world will forgive us all for the actions of tonight, and the last week or so. However, we will work hard to make FIRE a better alliance.


Nintenderek, FIRE Minister of Communication

PS: Temporary forums up. I know everyone hates invisionfree, but like I said, temporary.


Diplomats and Members are invited to sign in there.

PSS: I forgot to mention that on a personal note, I most likely won't be doing Inside the Players this week, however it will return next week. I've got to handle all this first :)

Edited by Nintenderek
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though its really not a coup b/c he's about the be assassinated (ooc: 100% warn lvl) i agree with every decision in this topic. I urge the international community to give FIRE a chance to restablize itself under inci's watchful embrace.

good luck FIRE, you always have an ally in me.

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