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  1. cookavich

    Things I find cute

    lmao oh look someone is posting facts and reason in order to justify their arguments look at that inconsistent babble look at all the bawwing
  2. cookavich

    Things I find cute

    The posts from members of the Worst Coalition Ever 2.0 (known to lesser minds as Equilibrium) is starting to become a version of Poe's Law: I can't tell if their bravado stems from delusion or from parody. It is a truism that the top tier wins wars, why do you think your masters in the NPO/DR architectured the laughably dumb "attack on one is an attack on all" strategy? Because they knew that even with its blatant hypocrisy that your only way to win this war was to amass as many 100k+ nations as possible against DH. Guess what? The strategy has failed and your leaders know it, and it will be only a matter of time until you know it. Your war winning tier has been lead to the slaughter by fools who think it better to have 10 billion dollar warchests than to have 15k tech. Such idiocy really isn't a wonder when you consider that Anarchy Inc. is an alliance consisting of notable garbage alliances Valhalla, BAPS, and Olympus. I do find myself disagreeing with TB on one point, however, in that I don't find you cute. Delusion isn't cute it's just sad.
  3. this is probably the worst blog post i've ever read
  4. you must really like metallica
  5. your grandfathers went to war
  6. I hate to break it to you, but you're the only person on the pink sphere who browses the forums.
  7. subtract 40 yrs from what the chief said, mistral
  8. I would love to meet your friend who is a girl who also plays on here. I would love to take her to my favorite spot down near the docks and just get to know her better.
  9. like a sprained ankle boy i ain't nothin to play with
  10. Wasn't Impero the one that leaked VE warchests?
  11. cookavich

    Stop pluralizing it.

    This guy has got jokes. Ignorance like this is way too thick to be taken seriously, but you almost had me. Nice one!
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